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Film Lounge


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Justin your team has pulled it off!!

Venue ~ Beuatiful interior.. this place is reallllllllly nice! Twirling to the centre of the dance floor is a yellw brick road.. very nice touch!! The lighting is this place is sweet.. cool lighing in little bits all throughout the chill areas and bars. I lOVE the couches! it's nice to take a break from dancing and have a seat... chill with your company and havea little chat!

Music ~ DJ MINX baby! This girl can spin!! Funky funky ass house! This set was fun like breaks!! NICE!! She spun out Salt and Pepper "Push It" !! pure Vibes!!

Amalia ~ She warmed us up propper! can't remember her set too well, but she super HOT! DAMN!!!!! mmmmm girl Djs!!!!

too bad we couldn't stay for Sydney Blue's, set.. if she was half as good as DJ MINX, well that croud was in for it.

overall the music was wicked.. evryone was loven it!!!

The people ~ okay, I came in and saw a preppy clubber croud.. thinking this was gonna be a night at the Roxberry! But honestly.. I felt bad after feeling the vibe in that place.. this croud was a bunch of sweethearts! and the girls... wow.... it was if they were all walked off the set of Friends.. high heels and layered hair. I usually don't hang with girls like this but they turned out to be a lot of fun! the snobbery was kept down.. it's nice to to hang with up beat clubbers instead of your typical ravers sometimes. anyway.. back to the girls.. THEY WERE EVERYWHERE!! THEY WERE IN CLUSTERS! THE BATHROOMS WERE PACKED WITH BEUATFUL WOMEN! they must have been giving out free choclate and tampons at the door.. it's the only way to explain the amount of females up in that place.

The Vibe ~ everyone was havin a great time! The excitement of a new club opening up combined with wicked music and sweet decor made this croud unbeatable! smiles everywhere!

PinkAngel, and Smiley Jo!! It was fun dancin it up with you guys all night! hope you had a wicked time!!

"this isn't my croud, but I'm plannin to get so wasted it wont matter" - Jo 2002
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DJ Minx put the funk into her house set.
Jo and I were complaining about never hearing funky house sets anymore and then there it was at Film Lounge.
Tracks from 1999 were abundant and so many old favourites.
We were grinning the whole time and having the best time!
We actually stopped drinking because it was slowing us down.

The music was too good to leave the dancefloor.
Aphrodite and Chiclet are too cute!
It was strange that hardly anyone was dancing at all.
We had so much room.
I kept wondering if they were actually hearing the music.

Complaint: time to get the coat check people under control. They were more messed up than the people in the club. They had no clue and I will never wear any coat that I care about there because I could have walked away with any coat I wanted the way they were going about it.

Anyhow. We need to get DJ Minx back in Toronto again!!!


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I had a lot of fun!

It was great seeing Jo and Svet there. You guys rock

At first, the dressy atmosphere was a little intimidating, but the people themselves put me at total ease. Everyone was so nice and I had so much fun.


PS, BLACK running shoes are allowed.


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The music was great and the vibe was awesome for the most part. But by the end of the night there were way too many people on way too much G. Were they bringing it in by the gallon?

There was a guy in the bathroom who was drying his hands to the point that paper towel was nothing more than balls of paper and repeating to me "I tried drugs, have you ever tried drugs, drugs are good" about 50x over.

Not that I wouldn't go back though....it was lot of fun.
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I heard the party was absolutely AMAZING!!
Check out pictures from the night on justinstyles.com.
It's about time we have a beautiful club a great happy crowd, with wicked new Dj'S!!
This is the place to be!!!