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Film critic Roger Ebert dead at 70

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Very sad. I mean I've been watching and then reading the guy since the late 70s when I first saw the PBS show.
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Oh no. He was damn inspirational and kept sharing his "voice" on things even after he got sick. A big loss for the culture community for sure. Loved loved loved his film reviews of course. His poor wife. :(

Hawk Eye

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:( so sad.. I was working the red carpet 2 years ago at Elgin and he showed up. I actually didn't recognize him until someone told me that was Roger Ebert.. he looked so sick..
We truely lost a film pioneer.. i remember watching siskel and ebert on tv when i was a kid :(

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Hi i'm God

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I disagreed with his opinion of 3D films vehemently enough that I don't like him at all but whatevs rip dude you've left a huge mark on the industry you loved to hate.


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CHICAGO—Calling the overall human experience “poignant,” “thought-provoking,” and a “complete tour de force,” film critic Roger Ebert praised existence Thursday as “an audacious and thrilling triumph.” “While not without its flaws, life, from birth to death, is a masterwork, and an uplifting journey that both touches the heart and challenges the mind,” said Ebert, adding that while the totality of all humankind is sometimes “a mess in places,” it strives to be a magnum opus and, according to Ebert, largely succeeds at this goal. “At times brutally sad, yet surprisingly funny, and always completely honest, I wholeheartedly recommend existence. If you haven’t experienced it yet, then what are you waiting for? It is not to be missed.” Ebert later said that while human existence’s running time was “a little on the long side,” it could have gone on much, much longer and he would have been perfectly happy.

from The Onion


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My jaw dropped when I heard this. RIP to a man would could take one on the chin!

all kidding aside, props to the guy for "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" and working w/ Russ Myers!!