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file sharing


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I just bought a CD burner and I was wondering where the best site is to go to find tech/house music....

If you know the artist's/dj's name. Audiogalaxy is tops in my books.

From the Ministry of otherwise, not too sure what you're looking for.

Prime Minister Highsteppa

Cheer Bear

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Yeah, Audiogalaxy is great.

And for someone on dial-up(i.e ME) it doesn't take that long compared to other file sharing programs.


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Audiogalaxy = spyware.

In fact, most of the file sharing programs install spyware software on your computer. The newer versions of some of them have supposedly removed the spyware components, but I still don't trust 'em.

I've heard Morpheus is safe. But I know for sure that programs such as Kazaa, Grokster, LimeWire, Net2Phone and Audiogalaxy install trojan horse spyware programs.

If you want to be sure you're not running any of these spyware programs, download adaware at http://www.adaware.com

Or just don't use any of those fucking file sharing pieces of shit.
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and if you're more than just a regular user, you can remove the spyware by reading the "opt-out" section of the end user license agreement when you install audiogalaxy