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Fil-E Blunt - New Breaks Mix!


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My new Promo mix for March.... My best mix to date I believe... Listen and Enjoy...

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http://iam-networks.com/fil-eblunt/Fil-E Blunt - The Break of Dawn .mp3

Tracklist - The Break of Dawn

1.Bassnectar - Everybody (Freq Nasty Remix)
2.Aquasky Vs. Tayo - Lookin' for a session
3.Kickflip - King Congo
4.Stanton Warriors - Hope Time (Rogue Element mix)
5.Nubreed - The Thing
6.Dopamine vs Bubble & Squeak - In Shallow
7.Dopamine - System Error
8.Kickflip - Freaky, Funky, Nasty
9.Aquasky & Drummatic Twins - Bring it Down
10.Jay Cunning - Never Stop
11.Rogue Element - He's so hot right now
12.Prodigy - Girls (Rogue Element mix)

Don't forget to check out The Capital Breaks show w/ Fil-E Blunt, Live on Nuskoolbreaks.co.uk radio, every sat. night from 2-4am GMT! (9-11pm EST)
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