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FIFA rankings april/2006

judge wopner

TRIBE Member
FIFA rankings April/2006

1 Brazil - cant disagree with this.
2 Czech Republic - meh. flash in pan. neved needs new hair cut
3 Netherlands - great players, poor team players= consistant unperforming
4 USA - they may be good but lack experience at int. level to handle it. besides their team is mostly mexicans anyways
5 Spain- poor mans version of the netherlands, unless "el nino" F. Torres is on, he is spains answer to Portugal's Ronaldo, who was the answer to spain's Luis enrique who was spains answer to Luis Figo...
6 Mexico - my dark horse for the cup, tensacious, may be only team to have beaten both brazil and argentina in pre-cup mathes.
7 France - oh please. henry is gay, zedane is getting old, le boeuf is le bouef
8 Portugal - yeah but ranked as good as argentia to share 8th spot? no
8 Argentina - yeah but ranked as good as portugal to share 8th, spot? no
10 England - always in the top ten, always out before the finals. England are the Toronto maple leafs of soccer. always a threat, but never the heavy weight they make themselves out to be.

italy should be 10th, remove france and push everyone up a slot. with totti they are better than polrtugal without rui costa!!!!

dont count out russia or south korea.


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Remove France?

Remove England, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, and the USA!

I can't remember the last time any of these teams did anything of note - except finishing at the top of their qualifying groups.


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I still don't understand how the US places 4th on the list.

If they were truly 4th in the world, how come they couldn't even beat Jamaica in a friendly a few weeks ago

Freddy Adu can liq the bozack

skin deep

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judge wopner said:
FIFA rankings April/2006
2 Czech Republic - meh. flash in pan. neved needs new hair cut
??? They've been in the top 12 for over a decade and in the top 10/5 for a good portion of that, yet they're a 'flash in pan'???
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judge wopner

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skin deep said:
??? They've been in the top 12 for over a decade and in the top 10/5 for a good portion of that, yet they're a 'flash in pan'???
yeah but they had slovakia back then, no fair !!! ha!!:D


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It seems like almost every team has a negative point total for the 2006 year...how do they accumulate the points?

So, not long until the World Cup 2006, I'm already getting excited! Hopefully the Dutch can put it all together, should be enough of the Oranje Massive in Deutshland to support them through to the final.

Brasil will be tough to beat though.

Mexico and Holland are playing a friendly coming up, should be a good match.

Sylent Syd

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I find it bizarre that Holland finished ahead of the Czechs in their WC qualifying group - winning both matches - yet the Czechs somehow sneak ahead of them in the rankings, haha!

I don't think anybody takes the rankings seriously anyways...It's only really used for seedings for major tournaments...I'm sure even the Americans don't really believe they're the 4th best team in the world...lol...
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the Scots look poised for a sneak attack on Guatemala but are weary of Mali(wtf???!!!)closing the gap

my old man is quietly sobbing into his haggis ;)