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Fifa 15


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Wow... Now my recent progress through the Steam back catalogue is going to have to pause - NEW FIFA!!!

So far so good. No glitches for me on PC version and its just beautiful! Still can't believe they were able to say that they couldn't bring the new engine to Fifa 14 on PC because "computers wouldn't be able to handle it". My 3-4 year old GPU can put on extra eye candy (GTX 580) with FIFA 15 and still not stutter with everything maxed.

- Beautiful new engine showing off field wear, cloth physics on player uniforms, much more detailed players.
- Gameplay engine is tough for me to comment on - but I like how the improvements are incremental. No revolution for those used to FIFA 14 - things just feel a bit snappier and more under my control - goalkeeper improved control approach is the biggest difference and much welcomed.
- New GUI has a black/dark theme which I much prefer to last year's GUI
- On field interface is also sharper, more efficient and more eye-pleasing
- WEB APP!! Holy shit I'm in trouble! You can look at your trades, configure all your Ultimate Team squads and do this from any web browser! I really hate that I discovered I could access from work computer with no issues

- Animation is pretty strong but I feel its the next hill to climb for this and well, pretty much all modern sports titles. Motions themselves are good its the linking to other moves and odd, few and far between, glitches that snap you out of your disbelief. This is not a new knock on 15 just saying there is room to improve here (and if we compared to say, 2008 FIFA, im sure we'd be looking at night/day difference).
- custom audio not yet implemented. OK the provided soundtrack actually is better than last years! But I dont care really I want to put in my own MP3s/ FIFA 14 was buggy with this feature (had custom songs keep playing when a match started instead of fading out) but its better to have something rather than nothing.

I'm about to consider loading winamp, muting game music and alt tabbing to pause or coming up with some shortcut key to do it from in-game...Hoping they patch this in soon!

ALSO: any PC FIFA 15 players let me know! I actually dont know anybody else who plays on PC - they're all on console!
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Man I was such an idiot last year giving my players "buy now" prices in Ultimate Team.

Put Benzema up for an hour with start price of 1k.

Sold for over 53k an hour later from the bidding!!

Save buy it now for the cheapies, extracting a few hundo extra from the impatient..;)


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Funny FIFA glitches



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Finally caught one of those ridiculous animations in the wild!

Hilarious - just like the gif!
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join me, someone on PC join me!

I have one buddy on PC fifa and I need more!

But hey, I realize this is a weird demo for this game...


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Ya makes me almost want to get console - its just I can dial up the visuals a few notches and love the integration with my PC apps..;)

Maybe when I get a PS4 one day when they ever come out with a new Wipeout I'll switch over... can't ever find a match when I play a Silver squad, too few players on PC...


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ya I was wondering how many are out there on PC for EA sports games these days

Pro Clubs made it all the way to Div 1 only 3500 teams up there got relegated instantly back to Div 2 lol
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