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Originally posted by allsides
Wow, I had no idea you all cared so much. I know promo has been lacking but it is not worth it to do things in the summer at Fever. There is promo coming but the breaks community is not as strong as it was, so it's hard to get things going again, especially in Hamilton? I think I heard something about Simply Jeff VS ? on Friday Dec. 12 so stay tuned.

Hey Chu and Chuck the heavenly6ers are going to take it all!

fever has had it's moments...no doubt, however, it started with weak crowds, to crotch crabbing bitches at the door...these things aren't easily forgotten..so todd get some shit goin'. if you really want something out of it you can get it....i know your lazy hammer town ass would rather just drink beers and toke some j's, but lets get some crowds back in there, cause damn from what i remember all those hamilton ladies are great....what up to you all!!

hey todd we need a hammer town bender soon so get something going so we can get our asses up there.

fever can be a great club and was.....it just takes a whole lot of time and effort.



don't know about those sixers???
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The Electrician

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sweet... Simply Jeff... lookk forard to that... He needs to come back and play for a goo dcrowd.. he's been ripped of hard every time he comes here... I feel bad for him....

should be a good show


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everytime i've been to fever in the past 2 years it's been empty

not just a little empty, but very empty ... maybe 4 people, in sight, total [not including the dj / bartenders]

even for the deep dish goldclub event last year, the crowd didn't even come close to filling the venue

i like fever as a venue, but someone will have to pull off a miracle to get people to start going there now

still haven't checked out Sole ... that's probably my next destination
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docta seuss

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Re: hmm

Originally posted by LiLy
it was fun spinning for those 45 mins...lol
was fun talking to ya there doc..good set too!..fever is a good spot, but as it has been said before....no promotion...

ah well ...........least im playing on halloween......should be fun playing to the regular ghosts and lost jungalists...lol


yeah man, it was fun. if you ever wanna organize some shit, hit me at rsquinn@uoguelph.ca, or docta_seuss_bookings@canada.com.
don't forget to turn that fader on!

show this guy some support tomorrow people... wicked beats


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I agree wit a lot of the statements that people are makin about Fever. The raid dat Chu mention was and still is a major reason dat da club aint doin well. Jonny had it rite with da fact dat they dont promote it enuff. I'll tell u one thing dat I do miss fever very much now dat Im livin Ottawa. The scene has died in Hamilton a lot over da past few years. To all da Hamiltonians and any one else I beg of you not to let da scene die in my home town. IAm not there to help but please keep it real