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Fever, march 1??


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WHats up did everyone have a good time here? As usual i danced my ass off within the fist hour and a half of being there, i was too beat to dance much after that. Soooo how about that jungle/ hip hop room? Looked pretty dead to me all night. The first or second dj, in the breaks room, i dont know which one it was, was amazing. Tell me what you thought about the night.


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I had an alright time.
It was great to finally have some DnB inside Fever. Kinetic started the night out with the sweet hip hop, and smootly slid into some nice funky, vocally drum n' bass. The crowd inside the DnB room when Kinetic was on was actually pretty big...atleast 2 - 3 times bigger than when there's been house.
Lab 606 came on and they were alright. It's really hard to make a live P.A. for drum n' bass work, so I commend the guys for what they could do. The female vocalist was a great touch...she had a sweet voice.

Over in the breaks room, I was really impressed with Draco. That man played some of the most ferocious breaks I've ever heard!! That track that had the metal sounding guitar riff = :eek:
But for some reason, nobody was really dancing? There was something off in the vibe department that night...everybody seemed so dead. Must be the end of winter blahs.

Back in the dnb room, Ryan Ruckus threw down a really good set...to bad the room had cleared out by the time he came on. The man had a lot of new tunes and rinsed them out proper.
I think the drum n' bass room would have been better if Ruckus or Kinetic (the headliners) actually got the headlining time slot.
The live P.A. kinda killed the energy that Kinetic built up.

I think the most amusing thing of the night was the videos Fever was playing. Classic skateboarding vids!
And what the hell was the Spring Break/Mardis Gras video thing?? ahahaha
It was funny watching guys glued to the screen. :D