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Fever Fri. April 19th - Breaks, House, Hip Hop, DnB

Trevor James

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Backbreakers will be changing up the musical composition of our Fri. nights @ Fever. Starting this Fri. we will be combining the House and Breaks into one room (The Lounge). In addition to this we will be adding Hip Hop and DnB to our regular Fri. nights (Main Room). We have made these changes in our ongoing effort to help in the progression and expansion of our scene in Hamilton.

-=The Lounge=- (Breaks/House)

10-12 Resident Soundboy vs DJ Magnum - Breaks
12-2:30 Big League Chu vs Dave Saddler - Breaks
2:30-c Trevor James - House

-=Main Room=- (Hip Hop/DnB)

10-12:30 Realistic - Hip Hop
12:30-c General Lee /w MC Casper - Jungle
+ Special Guest

19+ L. L. B. O. - R. O. A. R. - P. L. U. R.
Doors Open @ 10pm
$6 cover b4 11:30
$8 after
Fever Night Club - 38 King William St. (Corner of King William & Hughson)
INFO: 905-527-7332


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i have been missing this for the past little while. all sorts of reasons... no ride, no money, out of town.... i'll have to get my ass down there in the next week or two



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There has been a change in the lineup.In the main room Realistic will no longer be there, but in his place will be a special guest or guests. We will keep you posted.



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Our special guests for this week are DJ KINETIC, and DJ TASC from OTTAWA. These two guys will be playing an OLD SCHOOL SET of some crazy HIP HOP. DJ TASC is the 2001 DMC CHAMPION of OTTAWA. I am very pleased to be presenting these guys together in Hamilton this FRIDAY. See everybody out on Friday,
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