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Fever......do we have a preference?


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aight, well the question has been raised and i figure it deserves its own thread.

which room do you like best for breaks?
parlor being the old room it was in, the big one being the new one

what are your thoughts?

me = parlor



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For spinning = main room
For chillen out = back room

The monitor isnt the greatest in the back room but the soundsystem is oh so sweet.

Best idea = taking a monitor from the main room and puttin it in the back room. Perfect.



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There will be a change back to the lounge for the breaks, and there will be a working monitor for all you djs.



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when there is a breaks headliner, put him in the main room as per usual, but otherwise, keep breaks in the smaller room. i guess both rooms have about the same size now, but i like the square room a lot better.



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Well, my preference is DEFINATELY the lounge!
It feels more intimate. I can't stand the lights in the big room. So thats my opinion, and the opinion of most of my friends who don't post.
see u tonight
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Yupz, agreed, definitly the LOUNGE!!!! i dunno why, but at least when its dead, it doesnt look as dead, cuz the room is smaller. and between the awful smoke in the backroom, and those NRG lasers, i'll take the smoke.


Angus Robinson

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from a partier's point of view, I'd rather be in the lounge. I like the layout more...

But from a promoter's point of view, I'd rather have the breaks in the main room. Since the breaks room always has more people that the house room, it makes sense to have it be the first room. It looks kinda bad when people first arrive walking past an empty main room. So, for this reason, I'd say keep the breaks in the main room. If the house starts attracting more people, then I say change it up.

But yeah... I'm with CC on this one. If you ever have an out of town headliner come in, you best be using the main room for breaks!


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I'm all about the lounge, but I like the sound and the lighting in the main. It's a little big for residents nights. Headliners on the other hand I think should be held in the big one.
That's my two cents,
Chris Desjardins

Barrie Breaker

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I agree with most people here that I would much rather see a headliner in the main room. I like being able to see the DJ while also having lots of room to dance. In the lounge I find it way too crowded because it's longer than it is wide. Once you're far enough back that you have enough room to dance, you can't see what's going on at the front.

I'm coming for Czech and would love to see him play in the larger 'main' room. I personally like that room a lot more than the other room.

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Barrie Breaker

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by 905IVE Crew:
Czech will be in the main room...</font>

Sweet! I'm actually flying back from Ottawa that day just so I can be back in time to drive to Hamilton. I was supposed to stay in Ottawa for the whole weekend and drive back with my parents but forget that. That's what air miles are for right? haha