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Ferry Corsten Back?

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I'll most likely hit this. I'm curious to see how much of his 'new' elsectro influenced stuff he will play in a live set. If his essential mix from last week is any clue, it looks like not too much.
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i would LOVE to go see corsten.. but can't get anybody to come with me.. maybe I can just hang out with the Tribe trance people :)


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I oh so want to see Ferry again, but the crowdedness of the Guv is steering me toward Digweed, despite the lower level of 'energy' than that which I seek.
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I so want to come to both events... both Digweed and Ferry are phenomenal (did I spell that right?). They give so much back to their audience. I don't even even know where to begin, but I know the Guverment is going to be packed. I hate that!!! There's never any room to dance really in there, and it gets a little too "strobe-y" for my liking.

For those of you who make it to either or both...have fun! :D


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i cant wait!!

i saw corsten @ dance valley in august... one of the best sets ive ever heard!!!

i was right up at the front with a few other guys from the trance.nu crew and ferry recognized us and kept watching our reactions as he tried out some new tracks :) talk about a personal set!!

so who else is going to this??? so far im pretty dissapointed at the lack of tribe support.

i didnt even see a roll calls thread??

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