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Ferry at GUV! No im not kidding he actually showed up lol

Special K

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YES FERRY ACTUALLY SHOWED UP lol. I really thought he wasnt going to show up, i still think hes a SKETCHY BASTARD lol but he put on a really good show last night. So 1 out of 3 isnt too bad i guess. I know its NOT COOL
to say you like Trance anymore, i know there are BARELY any good NEW tracks coming out, i know trance has been dying since its peak in 99 but its the music that first really got me into the scene and it will always hold a place in my heart for that. And it was REALLY good hearing Ferry/Mark drop all the classics last night. Ferry was going INSANE behind the decks, its always nice seeing the dj having as much fun as the partiers. The vibe was really good, it was a little too crowded but it got better as the night progressed. A really good friendly up for it crowd too. Great music, great vibe, great people. NOTHING beats hearing a track at GUV in PRIMETIME. NOTHING! NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!! Seeing a few thousand people going nuts to Out of the Blue made my night. Guv on a saturday night is the best to place to party NO QUESTION! did i mention i like GUV
and oh yea and in the words of the wise
"Mark Oliver is My God". He totally ripped SHIT UP last night, as he always does. Best local dj BY FAR!!!


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"Guess who's coming to dinner?"

.....why its FERRY CORSTEN......

First off all my usual clubbing pals bailed because the DVP was closed and YADDA YADDY YADDY and I ended up going solo which is cool with me 'cause I ALWAYS end up meeting friends OR new ones in there anyway.
Its funny though when I got inside I asked one security guy if Ferry Corsten is showing up and he said "Who".....I have come to the conclusion that the Guv security is BY FAR the "missing link"...One security guy even tried to pick a fight with me (Its the SAME guy that I've noticed from past visits to The Guv that is REALLY rude and Neanderthal in the way he treats the people that PAY his wages....US...but thats another THREAD..).Anyway I just could NOT be bothered so I just went on enjoying myself.
Before F.C. came on I met this cool couple that were visiting from Scotland.They were REALLY nice and told me about clubbing in IBIZA Spain and stuff.I wish I could remember their names because they bought me some drinks
...I hate it when I forget peoples names....

Anyway Mark O put on his usual GREAT show but I was truly.....TRULY....surprised with Ferry Corsten.....He played ALOT of my fave tunes like "Madagascar" and others....WHAT A NIGHT.....

I basically hung out in front of the stage 'cause it was DAMN crowded on the main floor and FUCKING HOT as usual...I thought for a 10$ cover charge I REALLY got my moneys worth....

....now i'm SO tired....



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Karlo you looked like you were having fun

I was going nuts

both Mark and Ferry rocked...a night to remember

complete ecstasy in true sense of the word


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Pretty good show! Ferry rocked. It was nice hearing trance again and for once I didn't find Guvernment that bad. Once again Mark Oliver has proven to me that he's the best trance DJ in Toronto.



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I can't believe i missed hearing all of those amazing trance anthems that got me partying in the first place on such a badass system.

Ugh... this is going to go down as one of my biggest missed-party regrets.


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I didn't get to stay the whole night since I had to leave by 3, but I must say that I was actually impressed by what I saw of Corsten. He was loving every moment up there which is fantastic to see! He also started off with Dj Tomcraft's Prozac which was a treat to hear on the Phazon!

I was quite impressed by how up for it the crowd was as well, everyone around me seemed to know who Corsten was and were really enjoying the music. I also thought that the guv looked pretty cool, not overdone but interesting enough to make you take notice.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by KiX:
I can't believe i missed hearing all of those amazing trance anthems that got me partying in the first place on such a badass system.

Ugh... this is going to go down as one of my biggest missed-party regrets.


Don't worry, you're not alone.

I had to attend a lame wedding/reception for most of the day... I would have gone to the guv at 3am but I was so tired and didn't believe he would show up that I just went to bed...

ah well.. at least tiesto/pvd/armin are coming so it's not all that bad.


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Apparently Ferry Corsten was only booked to spin a 2 hour set ... so he MUST have been enjoying himself to play for an extra hour! I'm not surprised though, I don't think any DJ could help being blown away by GUV's main room.

In his own words, "Toronto rocks".

Absolutely amazing. I'm sure everyone walked out of the club on Sunday morning with a sense of pleasant surprise, and a friendly reminder that trance can still blow the roof off a place.

Also, a big thumbs up to the lighting guys that night. The new laser effects really added to an already electrifying atmosphere.