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Ferris Bueller movie house on the market for $1.5 million


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Hey I like dated. I've got a 70's early 80's motif going on in my place. My parents are selling their house right now and they still had the original orange shag carpet in the basement from when the house was built in 75. I frickin lost it on them when they told me they hucked it out, I was gonna transplant that entire thing into my place.

This guy would prolly love Cameron's house.

Guelph family lives like it's 1986 | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun
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mitsuko souma

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I agree, it's timeless.
In terms of modern design, this house from Sleeping With The Enemy was always my favorite


shitty movie but OMFG that house

But if you're going for nostalgic value, I'd pick the Risky Business house everytime.


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I'd pick Tom Cruise's underwear every time.

But they are probably going for more than that house.


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The only thing that strikes me as awfully dated are the few low-quality items sprinkled around like the particle board furniture in the office. The bathroom weave basket can go, too. Ok, and I'd maybe replace that ugly painting.

I wouldn't touch that kitchen. Or the living room chairs, shag rug, and leather couch. Those can stay.
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I would replace a fair bit of the stuff with better quality period pieces consistent with the design


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you're banned from all discussions about architecture going forward ;)

lol... again... was not referring to the architecture. I'd love the house, but would definitely be replacing cabinets, appliances, flooring, walls need painting when I remove those wood walls. Would keep the pot lights though.
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You'd get rid of those cabinets? You're still banned.

Yes I'd get rid of them. I hate white cabinets and so does the wife. I'd opt for dark kitchen cabinetry with a lighter marble countertop and stainless steel appliances. To each their own I guess.


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The most attractive part of this house is it would be an easy gut, no walls. First thing that needs to go is the baseboard heating. It is in Chicago (?) and winters with those windows and baseboards would be cold! You would need all new hvac and most likely drop the ceiling to hide it all, which might be a problem because of the heights of the windows. The other thing that needs to go is the curtains. If I was spending 1.5 mil I would update it with bad ass blinds that you can hide, go up/down, sideways etc.
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