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Female roomate wanted in LA


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My girlfriend is currently looking to move and is sharing the following accomodations in Westwood L.A. with 2 Horrible and annyoning female UCLA students... and 1 nice one. If you like girls that talk about you behind your back, leave a mess everywhere and then blame you for it, keep you up all night having dance parties and vomitting after drinking too much every night then the 2 horrible girls are actually quite pleasent. But it also helps enjoying having your possesions ruined and covered in red wine.

The rent for the apartment is $467.50 per month and the deposit is $125 plus last month’s rent ($467.50)-which is pretty good. I think water is included (but you don't want to drink it), so you’d just have to chip in for the electricity and cable and stuff. If you needed a clicker for the parking garage, it is a deposit of $50. The room size is pretty decent and the living room is actually really really big.

Some details about the apartment:

-all hardwood floors- you can tell it is quality wood when you can actually hear the hundreds of cock roaches running across the floor at night.

-fireplace- sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.... it's fun to guess though and have the room fill with smoke if it happens to be clogged that day.

-two rooms, two bathrooms

-balcony, with access from your room and living room- good for using to fine tune your ninja roping skills.

-pool and Jacuzzi on the roof- no really. this isn't a clip from Hackers where you get stuck up there during a rain storm. Although if you did it wouldn't be my fault.

-tv and internet already set up and accessible from the room

-walk in closet in the room- good size for stuffing the 2 horrible roomates in. be sure to duck tape thier mouths or you'll be hearing their whinny voices complainning all night.

-gated garage parking

-A/C - good to cool down with after fighting with housemates.

-it’s a great location, very close to Westwood blvd and UCLA- lots of construction work being done in the nieghbourhood which will wake you up at 7am on the dot. The workers also provide your morning fill of sexual harrasment calls as you walk by on your way to do whatever it is you plan to do in LA that day, hopefully it includes therapy and crying.

for more details PM me or email Brandy at:
BHamill removethis @mednet.ucla.edu
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she proof read it for me and gave the thumbs up. aparently she has some interest and i figured no one on tribe would actually be seriously interested (unless if they thought the roomies were drunk sluts)... so I thought it would be a laugh anyway.
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