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Felix Da Housecat calls Berghain Racist


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When you're upset about something, it's hard to be articulate in 140 characters or less.

FDHC got turned away from Berlin's super club - probably by that beast of a bouncer who is SUPER judgmental about what people wear.

"Oh hell no, grrl, you made eye contact with me, you're so going home sad."

And he did. Now he's sad. In 140 characters or less.

Felix da Housecat denied entry at Berghain; rants on Twitter
Stop Bill C-10


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these tweets are like from a psycho ex-girlfriend who just got dumped and goes thru the seven stages of grief in one night. what a fucking total loser.


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It's probably EXACTLY the type of person and attitude Berghain is trying to keep out.

Super douche.
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Hm. Berghain. Never heard of it. I'm not particularly wordly, though. Besides...FDHC had some really good stuff in the 2000s(early mostly..I loved electroclash or whatever it was being called then), and now...m'eh.