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Feelgood @ Freedom - Phoenix, AZ


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Oh Yeah!

Went down to Phoenix for a couple days to visit friends and they decided to take me to a little joint in Tempe for a good time. Was happy to find out that Feelgood would be playing. I've been looking for that 'big DJ in a smaller venue' lately too.

The crowd is mostly kids from the nearby university and yeah they can all dance. Everyone was from all over...met peeps from San Fran and Minnesota.

The place got going pretty early. At 11pm Fella came on with a really good fusion of thumpin', phat house choons. The place wasn't packed (thank God), it was a pretty big 2 floor/patio joint.

Feelgood came on after midnight and he opened with this booty remix of Dj Q's Feelin' Moody. I almost shit my new pants. He kept the energy going with great tunes, like Dj Dan's 'that phone track' and the like...I went up to talk to him later on in the night and he was a cool guy. He introduced me to Fella who just happened to be from TO as well and he gets booked from Miami too.

I couldn't stop dancin' and I was sweatin' up a storm.

Great sets, great people....yay to the patio in February!!!

Thanks to Pac-D and April for a wikked time!
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get out, fella?

that's gotta be the same fella who just left london for miami. solid guy and producing some really top notch electro-tech as of late.