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feeding a seagull a piece of chicken.... (hmmm)


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is it me or does that seem SO wrong.

At lunch today (at st.laurnence market) a lone seagull sat watching me eat a chicken primavera sandwich.. I thought it would be an opportune time to see just how cannibalistic it might be....

the toss... a piece of chicken..

the catch... will the gull eat it.

the result. YES!

it seemed so wrong.. i felt alittle sick thinking about it.... that seagull just ate a bird of a feather... hell it would be like us eating each other... none the less. the remorseless foul stuck it out waiting for me to feed it again...

i tossed it a hot pepper..... it didn't take the bate.

IT ATE ONE OF ITS OWN! the ramifications to humanity at large aren't great.... till the soylent green comes. *fear* *shudder*

Ditto Much

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Actually my buddy Colin used to feed chicken wings to his Parrot trouper every now and then. Most birds are actually canibalistic (chickens especially).
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my bird, a cockatiel, would happily eat chicken if offered.
he had no moral qualms about it, unlike you weaklings.

and that bird would prefer a chunk of fresh live finger, if he could get his beak on it.


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not really strange if you think about it.

Chicken's and Seagulls may be both birds but that doesn't mean they are the same. Seagulls are meat eaters (fish), chickens eat veggies. Lots of carnivore birds eat other birds. It's just weird because a seagull wouldn't normally be able to hunt and kill a chicken.
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