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Feed back requested for 3 tracks.


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Before commenting please keep in mind the following:
1) All of these tracks are recored from live equipment and I did not use a computer for anything besides recording them.
2)my sound card sucks... I'm limited to the quality of a standard laptop for audio quality.
3)none of them were 'mastered'
4)these were all first attempt recordings, what I got the first try is what you hear.
(yes prep and effects went into them before hand, but the timing was not 'touched up' if I messed it up during recording)
That being said:
The 3 at the top of the page
All feed back apprieciated. :)


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You really have some interesting elements in your track. You should watch out so that everything is a little bit more in harmony. Sometimes the dissonances in your tracks are too great.

Also, some of the sounds are too dry. I think the tracks would benefit from some effects processing, like reverb and delay. If you have things like that on there, ADD MORE.

Also try to add more variation to the tracks to maintain interest. Have more transitional elements, and use more sound effects to keep things interesting. You don't want people to fast forward your tracks to see if anything is going to happen, you want to make it so interesting and involved that people will hear the outro but won't be able to wait to play the track again.

I think the repetative nature of the tracks is an artifact of the hardware setup you're employing. With more convenient computer sequencing you would be able to get a lot more out of the tracks.

It's good to hear some of your tracks finally! Keep them coming!