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february, the monday of months


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just a few more days and we will be free of the grasp of this, the most painfully awful of months...

so close, it's like i can see the dawn beginning to break....
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I loathe february.

It's the depresso-month.

Although, we haven't had much snow this month at all, which usually increases the depresso factor.

(pooooo February)

The Watcher

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Thank the Lord that February is such a short month. Imagine if it was like 2-3 days longer?

March is better... and my birthday is in April... so getting away from Winter and getting into Spring is the best.

-Nick - Spring Rocks...
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Daylight outside when it's 5:45 and you're driving home from work is bliss! Oh how I long to jump the clocks ahead 1 hour.


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Originally posted by daddyiwantchocolate


have you done your rrsp's yet? the countdown continues.....

on the advice of my accountant i have not added any extra funds into my rrsp. i have been advised that it will be in my financial best interest to maximize my contributions when the tax sheltering affect will protect a greater portion of my income.
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Well, this specific February wasn't so bad...Superbowl, a wikked Olypmic games, warm weather for most of the time....and I just recieved a phone call that informed me that I'm going to Montreal:)