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Feb 27th: my pic of the week......


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And what a great pic it is!!
I just picked up a copy today and I love it. Definately a job well done by tiga and mateo.
However, hounourable mention goes to:
Human League - All I Ever Wanted (alter ego remix)
Golden Boy with Miss Kittin - Or

Good call Craig.


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honourable mention number two:

Misstress Barbara - Effet Karma - Relentless

especially the first track on the B side.

let me know what you think.........


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effet karma

This must be a re-press since I've had this for about a year. I'd say my fave track on this ep is A2. the filter work at the break down works really well to give is a housey feel while it chugs right along. More Relentless back-cat!!!

good call Craig


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^^^ yep. i've had these tracks for a while as well. but they've only recently been WIDELY distributed.

regardless, they both rock! :)


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just to let you know i received a few copies of the Tiga and Mateo Murphy record. thought i'd give you a heads up since we'd sold out and a lot of people had stopped by for specifically that record.

call me at eastern bloc if you want one set aside. hopefully, i'll still have a few left for you.

ebloc: 416-593-4355