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Fear of a Silver Planet 2

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

Jon Tremblay

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flash brothers.

Flash brothers are at the top of my list when it comes to production. I'll buy pretty anything released by them.
Chilling moments was really good, but one of my favorites for some time by them is Hazzy March it's kinda old but timeless in my opinion.



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The 2001 Flash Brothers Kiss FM featuring all their own productions is unreal. Global Tribe and Sub Energy would kill a dance floor, though I never heard them live. What a shame. This complilation should be wicked. I also here there is a 6 hour live Shmuel Flash set out there somewhere. It too is probably worth a listen.


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Sub Energy is one of my all time favs.
They also did a 3 hour proton set which is worth a listen.

I'll def'n want to check this out.
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Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa
Being done by The Flash Brothers. Anyone heard of them? I'm curious as to what to expect.

You've heard a lot of their tracks - Sasha and James Holden work in a lot of them into their sets.

feisty boy

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nice one. nabbed it off soulseek, giving it a listen now...

a little heavy on the vocals for my taste, but i have a feeling it might grow on me after a couple listens.


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They're a group of (I believe) 4 Israelis that are quite well known on the prog scene over there along with guys like Moshic and Zidan.

They sort of 'blew up' a few years back when they released 'Hazy March' on Hooj and Silver Planet has become largely the label in which they release their material as a group, versus the seperate tracks they release as artists like Schmuel did with 'Chilling Moments' on Bedrock.

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I like it. Very Northern Exposure sounding, and an interesting mix of some older tracks and some newer ones. It's quite the contrast from James Holden's shimmering trance/prog that the first one radiated, but marks its own turf quite nicely.

feisty boy

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i really like the old tracks that sneak in there, makes it more of an inspired mix, and less of a "flog new tracks" mix.


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Re: flash brothers.

Originally posted by Jon Tremblay
Chilling moments was really good, but one of my favorites for some time by them is Hazzy March it's kinda old but timeless in my opinion.

Great fuckin' track! Who cares about age? Good is good. Led Zeppelin 1 is really old and shall forever be timeless and great. Why not quality dance tracks?


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how can it be heavy on the vocals and still have norther exposure sounds to it?

i haven't seen this disc yet and I haven't heard it.

loopdokter... I know who you are talking about now.. I got this picture in my mind when an israeli guy in the G.U board introduced this guys by reviewing one of their shows....Clubber1 his name was.
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I"m surprised nobody mentioned "sarcasm". That was an amazing track from a couple years back. Probably the best song on seamans GU - 22.