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Fear Factor


TRIBE Member
Is it just me, or is it really cool when the team/guys who talk the most shit also totally kick everyone else's ass?
It's cool to see the big alphamale guys get grossed out by food or watch them puke and gag.

I love watching grown men cry.

The hotter they are, the harder they wimper.

-dirty thoughts!-


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I call it the Central Casting "Make Would-Be Actors Jump Through Stupid Hoops for Our Amusement" show.

I mean really - what's worse, moving to L.A. to follow your dream to become an actor and going into porn instead out of desperation, or going on Fear Factor and gobbling horse colon while suspended 60 feet in the air by your ankles?

How is it different? It's not. But the 'waiters, bartenders and loss prevention managers' who take part in the show don't seem to have a clue.


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it's a fine line between being triple teamed by some angry black guys or eating pig anus.. but.. i'd rather eat the pig anus :p