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There may be a thread on this already, but i can't find it through the search option.

Anyways, does anyone know what's going on with fiction? I haven't seen any new stuff from them in a while, the last time i heard about anything from them was a sale they had in the summer at the back of a store on queen.
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me too - I was at that sale in the summer and it was older stuff too - it seemed like they were trying to get rid of EVERYTHING - shitty if they went out of business cuz I love their clothes - snug dissapeared too :( or I just dont know where to find it


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Originally posted by afterglow
I've heard a rumour of them going out of business.

And they no longer lease the warehouse space on niagara. I say a for lease sign there a few months back.


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fiction 416 is no longer, but the original owner has a new label called seven eighty. they've got a store on queen st. (709 i think).
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