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FC Kahuna Essential Mix


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I'm listening to this right now in RA live on BBC Radio 1. i hadn't really heard of them before tonight, but i think many people here will enjoy this set. it began with some extremely tweaked out electro stuff -- brain-bending stuff. it's moved towards a deeper tech-house sound now, a la josh wink (superfreak is in the mix).

there's about a 1/2 hour left in the mix. this is definitely a mix that i can see myself grooving around to all summer long. :)

BTW, no tracklistings yet, as you can imagine, but they should be up on www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/dance/essential_mix.shtml before too long.

your essential mix fanatic,

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Felix Da Housecat - 'What Does it feel like?' (City Rockers)
Mr Ozio - 'Flat Beat' (F Comm)
Ural 13 Diktators - 'Disko Kings' (Laser Gun)
Miura - 'Metro Area' (Environ)
Daniel Wang - 'Warped' (Bauhu)
East Coast Art Solution - 'Unknown' (Atak)
Green Velvet - 'Dank' (Music Man)
LB - 'Superbad' (Output)
Animated - 'Grab The Rope' (Deviant)
FC Kahuna - 'Nothing is Wrong' (City Rockers)
Pet Shop Boys - 'I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It To You Anymore' (Parlephone)
FC Kahuna - 'Microcuts' (City Rockers)
FC Kahuna - 'Bleep Freak' (City Rockers)
AFX - 'Unknown' (Men 1)
Chicken Lips - 'Many Members' (Kingsize)
1st Bass - 'Trails of the Unexpected' (Novabass)
Daft Punk - 'Burnin' (Virgin)
Joe Montana - 'Car Wash' (Stickman)


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i looked yesterday, but didn't find it. i got it off another site, www.essential.i989.net. this site has the mixes up every week, almost immediately. they're only in 128 kbps, though, and i'd prefer 192 if i could get it.

anyway, i'll upload the 128 version to the tribe ftp tonight.
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i just found a 192 kbps version. i'm downloading it now. when it's finished, i'll up it to the tribe ftp.


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i'm digging it. i've got to put it on tape so i can listen to it more. ;)
i think it's got broader appeal than what most people would think of as 'techno' (ie banging 4/4 madness), but doesn't lose any of what makes it quintessentially techno.

attention: if you haven't listened to this yet, you're missing out! :)