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I thought i'd start this thread cuz i've never started a review thread but ^^^^ as you can tell, it's a little late (early) and me crashin'.....TBK let's hear ya..wicked time!
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nice party...took a while to really get going but once mystical came on..it's like all these headz appeared out of nowhere.

everfresh played a classy set (he threw down illusions....i can't complain). sniper played a typical "sniper" set. good mixing, decent track selection. mystical was up next.....started off with dillinja's remix of love is not a game which got a rewind right off the top. great set from him...rarely dissapoints. slip n' slide came on afterwards..and it was past my sleepy time so i booted it out of there.

nice seeing you d-cypher. its funny how i'm seeing you almost everywhere now that we've had that initial, "are you dcypher/are you tella" intro.