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Favourite types of Trance


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My absolute fav right now is Hard German Trance... some melodic, some dark, some lined with 303s, some with tasteful vocals...


I especially love tracks with a bit of an 80s feel.

Labels like Dos or Die, Tunnel, Drizzly, Red Alert, DMD, etc...

Laid-back progressive Trance is my bag too

What are your faves?
I'm still down with the groovy tech driven trance sound a la Nick Sentience.

I'm leaning towards more dancefloor friendly sounds in my sets these days, throwing in some techy breaks and even some zoney house.
I like Chiclet trance.

I aspire to be as good a dj, as meticulous a deck technician and as much a womanizer.

My fav is, and always will be Goa, but Chiclet trance and Kid Epic trance both kick lots of bum.
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I like that stuff they play on 103.5, Kid epic seems to play the same stuff, so i guess i like tuna trance
Epic of course!!

...but honestly..i like pretty much like most types of trance...it mostly depends on what mood im in at the moment...but epic certainly has to be my fave...yumm...

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hmm... depends on the mood i'm in.

uplifting/hard-uplifting during primetime at a party, melodic in the morning, progressive when i'm chillin and the dark stuff when i'm ready for it :p

chiclet's set kikked my ass at "tao" (i think it was that party). and so did the set she threw at tropicana.. she opened with BBE - Flash. SHAWEET!!!

still haven't heard a live set from Kid Epic since Tantrum: Sounds of Madness. I see him chillin @ numb... but no spinning, dammit!!! :p it's coo... nxt oppurtunity Hyperflow 03: Dynamic Force

voytek (AT-AT) knows how to throw it down wikkid crazy too. I still gotta send you those pix from iDance... sorry, i'm lazy :p

toronto's trance scene is wikkid

Numb's "Treat of the Month" ... hahaha... check the pic there


Kid Epic had his moments.. Kardio seemed to never dissapoint though.. too bad he isn't around more.

Nothing beats that first Solid Sounds party where St. Pete threw down one of the best uplifting sets i ever heard.

Can't stand the uplifting cheese being produced right now though.. favorite style? has to be psytrance or uplifting goa (rare).
Morning Trance: Yahel
Epic Trance: i.e., In trance we trust vol.03 DJ Lars Holte
Goa/Psy Trance: nuff said this currently driving me insane!

luv and laffs,

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i'd have to go with anything released under the drizzly label or any sub-labels! esp. AxWax *drool*

and stuff off of toast, well wicked and wasa-b and i'll always have a soft spot for stuff of off xtravaganza
I like all types of trance but I'd hafta go with hard epic, nuthin does for me like some good epic trance these days

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Chiclet:
Labels like Dos or Die, Tunnel, Drizzly, Red Alert, DMD, etc...

Don't forget One Inch and Fragile... Choice stuff IMHO!!

Classic ol skool hard trance tune -&gt; Cj Bolland - The Prophet

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by raaven:

woohoo, wasa-b rocks! they're one of the few NRG labels doing something different. plus you gotta support the canadian labels (even though the producers are currently british for the most part).

i'm going to hook up with paul over the holidays while i'm out in BC.
kid Epic, i just got that! lol

I here at these places called "bowling allies" the even play this music called trance?!?! how bizarre, only in new brunswik!!!
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Im one for hard epic german.
I like acid that is used in the right places.

I like anything tribal.
And anything really trippy like some killer tech-trance.

Of course anthems is an obvious answer.
And cant forget the oldies.

Just as long as it aint boring and putting me to sleep, pretty much all trance will do.

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