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Favourite House Mixes of 2007?


Mountain People live at some afterhours
Prins Thomas live here in Toronto
Mastiksoul live at some place in October
Derrick Carter live at Focus


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The Timewriter and Terry Lee Brown Jr @ F12, Stockholm 2007-06-14
The Timewriter YOUFM Clubnight 05-19-2007
Jimpster live at Radar Festival, Turkey (2007-07-02)
Kingsley - Later that Night
JT Donaldson live at Focus


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Mastiksoul live October
Thomas White (Natural Rhythm) - swimming upstream
phil weeks Live @ electric playground
Jay tripwire - now, always and forever
James Amato - In the mix
Mike Gleeson - Cosmic Dancing
Lawnchair Generals - Around the block
Derrick Carter - Live at Focus
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Well its all house to me, and I hardly listen to mixes, but a few from 07 got some heavy rotation from me. Here are a few off the top of me head.

False: 2007 (debatable dj mix but let's debate it)
Alex Smoke Sci.fi.Hi.Fi 3
Dixon: RA and the (the body language mix was pretty ill too)
Any mix by Mt. People that I heard (Serafin & Roman Bruderer)
Ricardo Villalobos: Fabric (debatable dj mix but let's debate it)
LCD Soundsystem 45:33
Luciano: Beatport tent (mostly just cause I was trying to live it all over again)
Laurent Garnier: East Village Radio spot. ill.
Jus_Ed: Unity Kolabo bonus mix (sans the mic pics, wtf?)
Bruno Pronsato Live @ The Bunker (mostly just cause I was trying to live it all over again)
Alex Under and the Quince sets from Awakenings.
Any Beat Pharmacy or Echospace mix that I happend across.
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Temper Tantrum

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S909 i must find this! i've been so techno these days i must reconnect with my house.

Farina is kind of my god.

Hello d/l spree. Also, please keep the recommendations coming! My 10 k runs are made much better with such fantastic house!