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favorite physical feature?


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in order, whats your fave physical feature when looking for a mate?

me its got to be lips first. luscious, full, suckable lips. i love lips.

eyes are there too.

i used to care about breast size but now i dont.

height is nice.

but lips are the best.


(i like girls btw)
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I love thick, curly hair. The type, that women who have it, complain about it, all of the time.

Although, I also love short hair as well.


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For me it's not just about a physical feature, what attacts me the most to someone is:

1. presence and personality
2. eyes
3. good clothes always helps

Peace, Maxine

What's up Jacob!!:D
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^^^ not huge floppy pancakes either...nice handsize ones...ok i should quit here before i start getting in trouble ha


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Eyes, Neck and Ass!

Green, Blue or Dark Brown eyes......

Long smooth neck......

Plump ass.......but not "KAPOW" plump......
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for me it would have to be.... not in any order.

height. I like women that are 5'8" and taller.
slender. Not too skinny though....and no fat chicks
nice breasts.... not too big, not too small... zeen
and blond and pink hair is also cool ;)
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For me the first thing that gets me and sticks in my mind afterwards is a girl's smile.

Nice eyes are a plus as well, and then I just love everything else.


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Also, this may be weird, but the sound of a girls voice. If its too deep or too nasly I just can't stand it. But if its a smooth sexy voice then I'm a slaaaaaaaave for her :)


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i like shoulders and backs. mmmm...with shoulderblades sticking out. yes, i like them skinny. there was this boy in my art history class who had the most beautiful back :)

next: eyes.
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