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Fav online radio?


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So, I've decided that downloading is no longer for me...I don't really want to have to think about what CD I'm choosing to listen to either. That was the beauty of radio; they just played the songs for you. Only nowadays, there isn't much that I even like on the radio, and if I do find a station I like, the commercials are ~ 10 minutes long.

So, I've decided that I'm going to give online radion a try. What are your fav stations? I like listening to pretty much any type of electronic music, save for happy hardcore, hardcore and any music with a tonne of scratching in it (I need something more continuous so that it doesn't disturb me while studying.

Any recommendations?
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There are tonnes of great internet radio stations.

I listen to alot of talk radio though. Politics free thinking shit and spoken word.

The atheist radio network is a great broadcast. every friday night at 10pm atlanta time it's live and you can take part in the show in their chat room.

There is the digitall imported Trance station which I listen to a hella lot. it can be tuned into winamp at

you can save the playlist perm on your HD. once saved it can be also played in iTUNES (which I highly recommend)

iTunes comes with ALOT of really good live stations all kinds of genres start with itunes and go from there
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i'm a fan of dnbradio.net

and shoutcast.com has gajillions of streams... you may have to wade through a ton of so-so stations, but every once in a while you can find some quality stuff


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since 1groove.com and grooveradio went down, i haven't really listened to that much online radio.
that's cuz i don't work on a computer anymore either and when i'm at home i'll just throw on a set i've downloaded before.

but there's always radio one for essential mix's on saturday night!
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((( D J S H O W S . C O M )))



((( D J S H O W S . C O M )))