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Fat Mike's "Cokie the Clown"

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Mrs. Pink, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. Mrs. Pink

    Mrs. Pink TRIBE Member

  2. PAUZE

    PAUZE TRIBE Promoter

    Dudes got some serious issues, yikes!
  3. JCrack

    JCrack TRIBE Member

    Sounds like a fun guy to party with...
  4. case sensitive

    case sensitive TRIBE Member

    Well, they say nothing in life is free :)
  5. Sal De Ban

    Sal De Ban TRIBE Member

    Fat Mike! El Hefe! Smelly! I love nofx. (i heard they suck live)
  6. stir-fry

    stir-fry TRIBE Member

    that's fucked up
  7. SmoothOperator

    SmoothOperator TRIBE Member

    Did you guys ever watch that TV series that followed them live on tour? It was insane! One of my childhood friends could be seen bodysurfin' at their Korea show.
  8. Mrs. Pink

    Mrs. Pink TRIBE Member

    My band did warped tour in 2000 and they were one of the headliners. I got to see em quite a bit, talked to Fat Mike a few times.....you just know the dude is nuts....but THIS nuts....hmph. I'm gonna track down a scanner and post some crazy pics....
  9. kaniz

    kaniz TRIBE Member

    I saw them at a Warped Tour (was it 2000?) --- my sister nearly got trampled on when they started. We were pretty far back to - by the sound booth. The entire place went mental.

    My sister thought it was a good idea to wear a long skirt, once everyone started jumping she started to get dragged down by people landing on her skirt - I had to drag her out of the pit.

    I think I also vomited (just from heat/exhaustion, didn't drink then), and gave someone a bloody nose.
  10. Sal De Ban

    Sal De Ban TRIBE Member

    circle pits are a much better idea. its like running track, only for moronic punks.
  11. danielablau

    danielablau TRIBE Promoter

    In the article they reference Damian Abraham from the band Fucked Up.....anyone remember him from the show Mods N Rockers on 89.5 years ago? Brings back fond memories
  12. Sal De Ban

    Sal De Ban TRIBE Member

    I remember him! that was among my favourite radio shows. didn't know he was in that band though. didn't recognize his name...

    Some of my favourite punk, hardcore etc came out of that radio show. plus, who else in toronto played 'the decline' on air from beginning to end??
  13. mushroom

    mushroom TRIBE Member

    after reading the comments people wrote about the article it seems like the pee thing was just a slight of hand trick.

    it is messed up but it also seems like the writer left out some stuff. could just be role playing a little too far.
  14. Dr. Grinch

    Dr. Grinch TRIBE Member

    It's funny that the "cutting edge" SXSW would ban a performer
    Maybe if he had grown and ironic moustache and played a set of Pavement covers it would have been okay.
    I think it's pretty awesome of Fat Mike to bare his soul like that. He's a troubled dude, but also immensely talented.
  15. danielablau

    danielablau TRIBE Promoter

    I'm like 99% sure it's the same guy who'd banter with JC.

    Its so weird, I had never heard of Fucked Up until yesterday, then I see them referneced in that article with Damian. Then last night i'm watching a documentary (only thing I can really call it) on VBS.TV and at the end it says music was done by Fucked Up. So weird........I feel like it's a sign for something........like I'm supposed to do something......
  16. Sal De Ban

    Sal De Ban TRIBE Member

    start a band called "The Ass" and play directly after them? hahaha :D
  17. nuttz

    nuttz TRIBE Member

    Backstage passport? That was fucked up. Fat Mike snorting those green pills.
  18. Bacchus

    Bacchus TRIBE Promoter

    wow. looks like a crazy emotional show.


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