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Fast N' Hard....Dj Assault


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What a wicked night of booty shakin'

Channel One was alright, but I found them to be a little boring... but I was there to hear some good ghetto tech and that's what happened when Dj Assault took the decks. I didn't stop dancing for the entire set and his free-styling was too bad either.
One set that really surprised me was Dj Nonchalante (or whom ever was on before Assault) he dropped some nice beats, but could have used a few more tricks to get the crowed bumpin'. But non the less he did a great job warming up the crowed for Assault.

I think that a good night was had by all, it's just too bad that people didn't start showing up until 1:30am


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First off, Channel One was amazing, to bad nobody had enough brains to show up n see them. Second i am not a big fan of booty,i usually find it boring, and repetitive, but Dj Nonchalante surpised me, mixin in a lil dnb here there. Dj Assault set was good too, surprisingly it had me dancing , and thats rare considering i'm not a fan of booty. Oh and the Zoom was good too, gotta love those drinks that glow under black light. Kinda makes you wonder what they put in them :)

I had a good time, and i hope everyone else did.

Rad0x aka Methics.
Saturn tech.

as it is

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this party was typical of what happens when larger scale techno parties occour in tdot...great party with incredible music but not enough response from our city to suppport the promoters. quite a diverse lineup on this one. and it should have been rammed. i can't complain cause i had a dope ass time but it really makes you wonder how much more of this the promoters can take.

saturn krew made sure everything went smoothly for all that were in attendance.

was anyone else blown away by the electricans closing set? i was floored>


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i was expecting a lot from this party but unfortunately it didn't quite live up to expectation.
i definitely had a good time but:
channel one was somewhat disappointing-- pretty boring techno, imo, and i couldn't see the point of them being on four decks since whenever i went up to check them out, nothing was ever really happening on more than two decks at a time.
nonchalante played a really interesting set-- i was pretty impressed with his programming
dj assault was good, but just not as good as i had hoped. i just felt that there wasn't much of a flow to his set. regardless, he did get the crowd going; it's nice to see it when a dj prefers to interact with the crowd.
oh, electrician was really, really good.

andrew- sorry i missed saying bye!


The Electrician

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Hi... Wow.. Im suprised that someone was diggin my minimal... Cool... I just wish that Dj Assualt and his bitches would have stopped bouncing in front of the turntables.. because it was skipping when they were... other than that I had a good time... that was my second Techno gig...

Thanks for the support! =)

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