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Fashion Police


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Okay can I get away with wearing:

A light green (almost lime) shirt...tight with a pair of aqua blue snug pants (also tight).

I know it's hard to imagine but can the two colours work??
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rocker chick..tee hee. Nope, but I have decided against it. My roomie said that it's a fashion faux pas. Oopsy.
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hell no.

but if you're a hot chick, feel free to wear whatever the hell you want.

faux pas are only applicable to oogly people.


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**liverpool british accent** It's kinda like the colours are all just meshing together into a blinding array of lime green turtles emrging from the water. **pause to look at hands for a moment**
Like WOW, You gotta turn off your shirt and pants. Kinda hard to see in here.

**pauses to look at hands**
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Re: Re: Fashion Police

Originally posted by SneakyPete
yeah in the 80's.

Lime green is back. Neon is back. It's the '80s all over again but without the tapered pants.

j bunny 2000

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hMMM.....bright blue and lime green??

I have a rule about wearing bright colours. If i'm going to wear something that is bright then i usaully only wear one thing that is loud or I wear bold accessories and try to keep the rest of my ensemble very lowkey. Its kinda like decorating a room, if you have way too many big bold elements the look becomes too crowded and confusing. Choose one interesting striking piece and it becomes the focus( in your case bright blue pants or a lime top). I bet more people will notice it than if it's competing with a bunch of other bright stuff. You don't want your clothes to distract people from seeing 'you'.

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In the end I always wear what I want and what I feel comfortable in. If you dont feel comfortable then DONT wear it. I always get looks for my outfits - and I dont care :) who cares about colors and matching

thats what I think anyway :D


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Originally posted by mandapanda
hard to say...some people could TOTALLY pull it off and then others not so much.
ya, exactly.

if its the same fabric and the same tone of bright, i'd do it.

but then i like to match my socks to my jewellery to my shirt to my bag, so i'm weird about colour.



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agreed. sometimes it works. I have a really inetersting shirt that is blue and green.

Blue and green is tricky, but I think navy and black is certainly worse (in most cases)
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