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Fashion Cares 20th Anniversary 2006

Big Boss

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I can't post in roll calls, but I know this thread will be moved there.

Anyway, I've never been to a Fashion Cares event. How well should I dress? What should I expect? Anyone else going? Is there an official after party?



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I'll probably be going this year...usually there is a theme, which some people dress for. I personally take it as an opportunity to get dressed up and wear something more formal that what I would normally wear. I have been twice and to be honest wasnt' wowed and didn't stay for the show either time. Its kind of just a big schmooze fest, but its for a good cause, so worth it.

I'm more excited for the Powerball!


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Where whatever.
There's a theme but rarely do people follow it.

I usually see a lot of suits but spiced up.

Last year, I wore a suit but this year, I'll probably wear my new Jeremy Scott hi-tops with something really gay.

Oh and skip the afterparty. That's the hot thing to do.


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kate said:
I'm more excited for the Powerball!

Yah, I'd like to go to that as well.
I'd like to write about it but I don't know Alex is still doing a paper magazine? Alex?
What about an actual mag online?
I want my art section back! :D
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mitsuko souma said:
Heard rumour that the PetShopBoys are playing?! Can anyone confirm or deny?

If they do, they will definitely play their new remix of Madonna's Get Together.


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I'll be there, but backstage :p

It's their 10th anniversary this year, so the theme is "Fashion Cares". I'd say dress up for this one. There will be an official afterparty, always is!
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Kung Po Beef

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I just found out yesterday I got tickets for the gala. I'm so excited!! As mentioned it's the 20 yr anniversay and I believe the best of best from previous years will be the show. Rumours so far: Pam Anderson, Dan and Dean (recreating the dress they did for the very 1st Fashion Cares) and RuPaul. I'm not totally sure though, they're keeping it under wraps.

Oh, and it's formal/black tie this year....different from all the other years.

Here's the link:

Kung Po Beef

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Forget the rumours....they just announced the line up this morning. Jody Wately!!!

From fashioncares.com:
Special guests include M·A·C Viva Glam V spokesperson Pamela Anderson and fashion designers Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2.
Entertainers include Broadway diva Jennifer Holliday (“Dreamgirls”), Grammy Award winner Jody Watley (“Looking for a New Love”), funk-pop quintet The Philosopher Kings, dance performers Momix and The National Ballet of Canada, aerial artists Hangtime Circus, soul singer Divine Brown, and Prince’s latest protégé, singing sensation Támar. More names still to be announced.
Music will be designed by DJ Sumation during the Bay Gala Dinner and for the Post-Show Party: headliner DJ Nicolas Matar and Fashion Cares favourites DJ/Producer Dwayne Minard and DJ jojoflores.


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Managed to score free corporate patron tix through a friend of mine, still debating what to wear but I'm thinking some kind of corset/purple fur boa/fedora combo...

We went last year and had a blast with the Bollywood Cowboy theme. The venue blows ass though - no matter what they do with it you're still trying to dance in a cavernous convention hall on a nasty cement floor.

Whatever, I get to see lots of my boys and it's for a good cause (even though I'm not actually paying! :p )