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Farina June 2nd @ Commodore


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think this is the nordic trax 10 year, just got an email from ticketfuckers yesterday advertising $30 advance tickets for this.

i haven't come out to play in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time, anyone in for this one?

nordic trax party + 10 year anniversary + whoever else gets booked for this one = one ass-smackin good party!

see ya down there

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ninja said:
Nortic Trax = :)
Mark Farina's last performance (in Victoria) = SOOOO BORING!
Funny you say that, I saw Farina at system and he didn't meet my expectations. Probably because I've yeard so many good recorded sets by him.

I'm still toying with the idea though... I just haven't seen him spin enough.


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I guess theres only one way to find out really.

go and see you your self :)
The truth is the set was OK but when you pay as much as do you expect something more in both track selection and mixing than what someone local can offer. My last experience seeing him just didnt add up.
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last time i heard farina play i too was bored at times (the whole hip-hop thing is getting a bit tired imo) still, can't say that i've ever heard him play a set that could be even remotely described as "bad". i think it's good to have expectations, especially for a dj of his calibre, but c'mon kids - fact is farina brings it! and as i glance over the upcoming events forums for vancouver, he's pretty much as good as it gets ;)

atbell - i don't think you can really compare recorded sets to lives shows, for obvious reasons. stop toying around and just get your butt out for some good times! :D