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Farewell My Friend. R.I.P. FunkNstyle.


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From Dawn (Johny's sister):

This is Dawn, Jonny's sister. I would like to thank all of you for the outpouring of condolences. It is overwhelming to see the response to this thread. We welcome you to the services on friday and saturday. One of Jonathans last wishes was to (and I quote) "Celebrate my life...celebrate the memories because I dont want anybody to be sad. Remember the good times- dont dwell on the bad ones." I want all of you to take comfort in the fact that he is at peace now, and thats all he ever wanted. He loved his music, it was his passion. I will sorely miss his sets but keep the breaks scene alive! Any of his friends who need to speak with family, email me. dawn_juan15@hotmail.com

Also, I invite u to sign the book of condolence at www.obituariestoday.com It is under obituaries then Jan 12th.

Nothing can justly describe the sorrow I am in but reading all of these posts helps and has put a smile on my face. On behalf of his family and I, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Please keep his spriit alive.

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Never met the guy but my deepest condolences go out to the family and friends touched by this tragedy.
I hope he is in a better place wherever he might be.


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Originally posted by futronic
RIP, Jonny. :(

Here's a photo that comes to mind whenever his name comes up:

-- Jay aka Fut

I am crying right now as i type this (im at school) :(

Jonny and i were partners in crime from the moment we met. We were trouble makers, always up to no good, always causin a ruckus, always laughing, dancing and having the best time in the world.
I will never forget how you always managed to make me laugh, smile, dance my ass off, and calm me when I was going through some hard times of my own. I just wish I could've been there for you more. You were a great kid, you had a heart of gold, and you will always be in my heart, "little one". I am going to miss you like hell :( May your soul rest in peace, my friend.


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All I ask is that the details regarding this tragedy remain private out of respect for Jonny, his family and friends. A public message board is not the place to discuss such things. Thank you.
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Hey all, Jonny was a friend to me, however brief or infrequent our encounters were as of late. We ran in different circles, but he never failed to make me smile when we hung out or DJ'd together.

As a tribute to his love for his music and dedication to the scene, I'm going to be playing at least an hour of his mixes on my radio show on Monday night/Tuesday morning from 1 a.m. to hopefully 3 a.m. on 1 0 0 . 7 F M (alex, please don't ban me because of this).

This will happen on Tuesday morning, January 18/05 at 1:00 a.m. - if you tune in and hear Hip Hop /RnB / Reggae prior to 1:00, you've got the right night.

If you want to call in and say a few words, I'm going to open up the phone lines to accomodate those who wish to send a fond farewell to Jonny.

1 416 870 1007 is the studio line.

Please do call in if you wish. Radio waves theoretically travel forever and will reach into the beyond.

If anyone has any of Jonny's mixes that I may not have in high bit rate or on CD, please PM me.


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That's terrible news. I'm so full of sympathy for those who have felt this loss in any way. Rest In Peace!


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Always a smile on his face, a great contribution to society (breaks and whole), and charming fellow partier.

You will be missed dear Jonny!! <3


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My sincere condolences go out to all friends and family members. It is never easy to lose someone, especially those who are so young.

Rest in Peace


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It has been almost 20 hours since i first heard te news, and shocked i still am!!!!

All the best to his family and friends alike missed greatly you will be!!!

My prayers and condolences.

Jason Chaos
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Originally posted by 905IVE Crew
Its gonna be next Saturday at Copper in Hamilton, his stomping grounds. Details should be finalised by tonight or tomorrow. I'll post all the relevant info as soon as I confirm everything. A memorial copy of Jonny's 'Future of Funk' cd will be available and 100% of all proceeds from that, the bar, the door and donations will go to the family.
thanks, keep us posted.

i don't know what to do with my thoughts and feelings about this. dancing it up to some breaks should help:)

miss you jonny:(



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..."I went to Yosemite Nationial Park, and I saw some huge waterfalls. The highest one there is 1,340 feet high, and from it the water comes down like a curtain thrown from the top of the mountain. It does not seem to come down swiftly, as you might expect; it seems to come down very slowly because of the distance. And the water does not come down as one stream, but is separated into many tiny streams. From a distance it looks like a curtain. And I thought that it must be a difficult experience for each drop of water to come down from the top of such a high mountain. It takes time, you know, a long time, for the water to finally reach the bottom of the waterfall. And it seems that our human life may be like this. We have many difficult experiences in our life.

But at the same time, I thought, the water was not originally seperated, but was one whole river...

...When you do not realize that you are one with the river, or one with the universe, you have fear. Whether it is separated into drops or not, water is water. Our life and death are the same thing. When we realize this fact we have no fear of death anymore, and we have no actual difficulty in our life...

...When the water returns to its original oneness with the river, it no longer has any individual feeling to it; it resumes its own nature, and finds composure. How very glad the water must me to come back to the original river!

Shunryu Suzuki
- Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind -

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