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Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(


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Sad news, to bring someone back. My deepest condolences to any and all. Kevin was amazing person that touched many.

I'm still a bit shocked, but have had some warm wonderful memories and pictures warm my heart remembering some of the great times we had.


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I followed the guy for a while on Facebook. Really liked seeing the pics pop up with him and his kids and wife (McBee, I guess, who I don't think I've met). I kind of always felt like I knew them and I was silently rooting for them over the years because they were so open and honest with their fertility struggles and loss on the board.

This is just inexplicable. I'm so sorry for McBee and the kids. I'm so sorry for all of his friends on the board and otherwise.


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this is such sad news. didn't know kevin at all, but he did sell me a spare NIN ticket way back when (thanks!) and he was super friendly. this outpouring of grief speaks volumes about him as a person and my heart goes out to all those who are mourning his death.


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Like so many others in this thread, haven't been back here in years but I had this compulsion to come back here and knew something would be here (thanks Tommy).
I met Kev, Sarah, Liz, Jane and many other people who became my closest friends at the infamous Tribe kegger of 2000 (so weird to me that there's a flashback photo of this on the main page). This community meant so much to me at a pivotal time in my life and I am so happy that it still thrives. Much of the best of what I know of Kev happened during the time I was active on this board and it's nice to see everyone else feel the same way, drawn back to the place where it all started. RIP Ravegod.


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I had to stop in and show my respect. Kevin was a really nice guy. Thinking of his family the last few days has left my chest aching.
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I feel honoured to be a part of Kevin's FB Remembeance page. It is clear that he lived every minute to the fullest and made the world a better place for everyone he met. If anything a person as myself, who is not part of his immediate circle of friends can take from this, is to be a better person. I feel I owe it to him somehow.

Again, to all you wonderful people I adore, who are fortunate to call Kevin a close friend, I am so sorry this piece of your beautiful mosaic has been lost.


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Sorry to hear such a young man was lost, condolences to all in his life.

I never knew him but I remember him posting and he never managed to piss me off, and that is an accomplishment if ever there was one.


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i'm not one to post about my feelings online, but it feels somehow fitting that i say something on here. tribe is how i met kevin and sarah and so many others who i've remained friends with to this day. it was the relationships with some amazing people i met on this board that shaped the person i've strived to become. beyond our friendship, my enduring memory of kevin is what a great role model of a human he was. compassionate, deeply empathetic, and forever true to himself. i wish there were more in the world like him...

i'll miss you buddy.



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I don't think I've been on here in over 6 years.

Sarah, I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I only hung out with Kevin a handful of times, but he was always so open, friendly and genuinely kind, someone that my gut instinct immediately told me was a truly good person. I can't explain beyond that, but you know, and everyone else who really knew him does, too. This thread is evidence of that. I'm broken hearted for you and the girls.

Rest in peace, Kevin.
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Booty Bits

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i met sara (mutslaster) a few days ago at a restaurant and we were talking about kev, and she told me that she came back onto tribe to see this beautiful tribute thread and i immediately started sobbing. i hadn't even thought about tribe until then, but it immediately made sense to me. kevo and i were internet rave friends before we became IRL friends :)
kevo and i met on the AWC board, when he was kevo the tranceformer and i was *blooms*. then we continued onto the hulla board and then the tribe board. we had chatted with mcbee on tribe and then met her at the same party (AWC Reunion - Astroboy's party), and we both decided she was pretty swell and went back together to her apartment to afterparty. he ended up marrying her and i ended up being lifelong friends with her.
i guess what i'm saying is that i am grateful for tribe for bringing all these special people into my life.

my fondest memories of kevo were at hullabaloo parties. we both unabashedly loved happy hardcore and we would scream the words to our favourite HHC anthems together at the tops of our lungs, with our arms slung around each other, just feeling the PLUR :)

i have a lot more to say about him, but i'll leave it for now. he was a true original and i will miss him terribly.


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Good seeing everyone at the visitation yesterday. We all look a bit older and less ravey but we are all still connected with that community thread.

It was quite emotional for me. Meaghan and I had a slow walk through Mt. Pleasant afterwards to Yonge St. which helped me decompress. It is beautiful and serene in there.


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I didn't know him too well but was privileged to be the DJ at Kevin and Sarah's wedding. It was a special day and obvious from the wonderful group of friends and family attending that he was a special person with a big heart.

RIP Ravegod.

All the best to Sarah and the girls.
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A few weeks ago I felt very strongly about booking a trip back home for mid-August (I am living in NYC now). Unfortunately I couldn't make my timing work and was only able to book for September 1st.

When I found out about Kevin I immediately tried to see what I could do about my ticket and change it but with our moving from NYC to Connecticut and now lacking work I couldn't afford the fees.

I hope everyone got to see each other again and share in the celebration of Kevin's life and to surround his family with all the love.


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Condolences to the family
His personality always shone bright here and I know many of you have been deeply impacted by the news of his passing. Hugs to you all.

Celebrate LIFE.


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Heard the news this morning... heartbreaking to learn of. My heartfelt condolences to Sarah & their girls, his family & friends.

I haven't seen or spoken with Kevin in many years but I recall fond memories of the brief moments we shared. He truly was a kind soul, easy to be around and chat with. I remember how elated he was when him and Sarah first started dating... he had the biggest crush for so long!

RIP dude


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I've been stairing at this text box for an hour not sure what to write. Our car got lost on the way out of the cemetery.


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Hi everyone,

Like many of you, I haven't been here literally in years. But when I saw and talked with Alex D at the visitation, I was hit with a massive revelation that had totally escaped me up until that point....Kevin and I met because of tribe. We knew each other's online personas and thorough seein pics of him, I always thought he was super cute. Then at ATM reunion in Nov 2000 I met him and booty bits and the 3 of us became friends. 6 months later at a John B party I was throwing at Fez Batik and Kevin came. We got drunk and made out, and the rest is history lol. Through the tribe community, I met many new friends, and many are Kevin and my closest friends to this day. And its these friends who are carrying me through these days of grief. And it's these friends who have been and will continue to be my family, and extra parents for my girls.

Without tribe, I wouldn't have met and become best friends with Liz and Sara. Without tribe, wouldn't have met and fallen in love with Kevin. Without tribe, I would not have had my two beautiful girls with Kevin. Thank you tribe for that.

In the spirit of living honestly and openly, as Kevin was trying to do each day, I will share with you his struggles. He passed away peacefully in our home from an accidental drug overdose. He had been battling addiction with myself and his friends and family by his side for years. His NA family taught him so much and brought him so much comfort as he fought. He was living a beautiful, happy, full life but every so often, a switch would flip and he would slip back into the darkness. I wanted to share this as a moment in which we can all learn from. You do not have to suffer alone, reach out and talk with someone. I do not want any other person to experience this pain. It is cruel, unfair and makes no sense. The world is a little less bright now that Kevin is gone, but the lessons he has taught us are numerous and I will continue to learn from him.

I love you so much Kevin. See you in my dreams.

Love mcbee
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Klubmasta Will

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I love this community a little bit more after reading this thread, and especially mcbee's post. I really wanted to attend the visitation on Sunday but have been out of town. I will search my old photo albums for pictures of Basic and will post them in this thread if I find some good ones.

Booty Bits

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At the reception after the funeral, all the TBK gathered in one corner of the room. It was like 4AM at the front left speaker. Kevo would have loved it.
It blew me away how many tribers came out yesterday. So good to see your faces again.


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I still can't believe I remembered my password! And why are there no goddamn like buttons here lol?!!


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So gutted to have not been able to attend yesterday and Sunday -- the cemetery is literally in my backyard.

It sounds to me that it was a great opportunity for people here to reconnect and celebrate Kev's memory.

I didn't share this before because I didn't know concretely that Kev had been struggling with addiction, but I have a story about the last time I saw him.

I believe Kev saw on facebook that i was looking for some pickup ice hockey a few years ago and he invited me out to play where he was playing. I went out a couple of nights and had a fantastic time. Kevin and I were not the greatest skaters in the world(i had not played in a decade either), but we played with the heart of champions.

After the game, I asked a few of the guys(including Kev) if they wanted to go for a beer. The dressing room was immediately crushed by abrupt silence and all just sort of stared at me.

What Kev I expect forgot to tell me was that this regular game was for members of AA. I was pretty horrified, but we were able to chuckle about it after.

It was none of my business why he was there (for all i knew it could have been connected to social work), but I was grateful for the invite. Even it had been years since you had seen him, Kevin always made you feel like no time had passed at all.

Rest in Peace buddy



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Kevin was my cousin, but we grew up in different cities. All my aunts and uncles loved him, and he was often the topic at gatherings because he was so vibrant and unpredictable. My Aunt said his music was "abrasive". My Mom talked about his music with total disgust and a cause for worry.

I saw him accidentally at a Hullabaloo. I had no idea he was into hardcore. To meet your cousin randomly in a city of 5 million is quite extraodinary. A few years later he moved in as a roommate. He got to know some of my friends, and he introduced me to some fabulous people including my other x-roommate. The three people that lived with him at Carlton are also horrified with his passing.

Our apartment burnt down sometime in 2002. Sarah and many, many others have said that place was disgusting. Sure, the kitchen was gross, and the bathroom floor was rotting away exposing tetanus-like rusty nails, but my room was awesome and I loved the place. Above all, I loved the people that came through. That apartment shared with Kevin was one of the happiest eras in my life.

After the fire, I got depressed, moved to Vancouver, and withdrew. I joined Tribe then because I got homesick for Toronto. For me, Tribe was something from outer space that didn't touch real life. I didn't expect to meet people on here. Kevin is one of three people I knew from this board.

And then, like something out of the twilight zone, this board touched real life. It kind of made me nervous mixing family with scene. All these years, my Mom always wondered what we were up to but I assured her that it was nothing at all. After the funeral service, my brother and I chatted up one of Kevin's friends. This friend just had to share with us that when the apartment burnt down, Kevin's friend was on acid. Dealing with the fire fiasco while high was quite the ordeal, apparently.

I wonder what my family talked about on the five-hour drive home? I guarantee you that Kevin will continue to raise eyebrows in the family for years to come. He will be dearly missed.
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