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Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(


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I wouldn't say that I knew Kevin, but I did meet him a bunch of times waaaaay back and saw him here and there over the years. He was always very nice from what I recall.

He actually sent me a friend request on Facebook just a few weeks ago and I creeped some pics. Remember thinking how sweet his family looked. I can't imagine what they are going through right now... Absolutely heartbreaking. :(
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WOW. Tears here at work.

Haven't seen him in years, but one of the nicest people I met in my rave years and partied with all the time. Intimidating height, shaved head, but super friendly and always greeted you with the best hug.
Just last week there were all these old pics from the AWC of fond party memories.

My condolences to his family and closest friends.

Basic (Kevo the Tranceformer) you will be missed. Wow wtf.
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I met Kevin through Tribe so it feels right to say something here.

I didn't know Kevin too well, but we'd always say hi and hang out in the same big crew for Fridays at System for Breathe nights, and various house parties back in the day - he was a true 'head. I was never really that close to him but I know a lot of people who were and my heart goes out to them as well as Sarah and their daughters.
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Par- T

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Shocked and saddened by this terrible news, sending my sympathies and condolences to Sarah and Kevin's friends and family. He was always a genuine and cheerful person to meet, hard to believe he has gone so soon.

Klubmasta Will

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It is very nice seeing so many familiar names and hearing such fond memories. If only the circumstances were not so tragic.

Hopefully it gives some degree of comfort to Kevin's loved ones to see that so many people thought so highly of him and had such great memories of him.


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So sad to hear this. I didn't know Kevin personally but I remember meeting him.

My condolences to his family and friends.


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Like many of you I thought this was the most appropriate place to post my condolences. I haven't seen Kevin in years, but I will always remember him with a smile on his face. I can't even imagine how hard this must be for Sarah and their daughters. I'm so sorry for your loss.

:( RIP Kevin.
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Our paths crossed from time to time way back in the day. Solid dude.
My thoughts are with his family, loved ones and friends.


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Rest in Peace and condolences to his family. :( I only knew him through here, and always enjoyed his posts. Really sorry for his family's loss, and to his friends on here.


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Wtf? I actually feel sick to my stomach reading this post.

Condolences to Sarah. Always thought you two were such a cool rave couple. I don't even know what to say.

Kevin and I used to exchange music years ago over MSN.

Can't believe this is real and I barely knew the guy. I can't even imagine..

I'm so sorry for your loss, Sarah.
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Hi everyone :( My heart is so heavy today. He's always been Basic to me... That crazy smart raver guy who also happened to love some badass punk rock.

Rest in peace, Kevin. You're gone far too soon.


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I saw Alex's post on facebook and I had to make my way over here. While I didn't know Kevin personally, it still makes me sad that he passed away so young. Stay strong Sarah and family!!!


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Wow...so sorry for everyone who knew him personally. I only know him from the board and...well... :(


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I haven't posted here in more than 6 years, however I just found out this morning of Kevin's passing.
It's hard to hear this, because I have known Kevin for a long time and while we never hung out, outside of the Tribe message board, Tribe events and parties and we definitely had differences of opinion (a shit ton, I might add lol), I never doubted he was an amazing spirit. He LOVED his wife, he adored his girls, he LOVED music and having a good time and always smiling.

Sending my condolences to Sarah, his family and all of his friends, may he rest in peace! RIP.
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Like so many, hearing the news today about Kevin's passing brought me back to the board. My thoughts and condolences are with his family and I can't even start to imagine how they are feeling. RIP Kevin.



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Will said it best. What a remarkable show of love for someone on a board where "we" all got together on. It means very little probably in the big picture but it is evident he was loved in many ways.

Big Cheese

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although unfortunate as it is that I never had the opportunity to get to know him off the board, I have many friends on the board whom have had that opportunity, with nothing but amazing things to say about him. either as an amazing human being, a party buddy or an all around family man. it speaks volumes about him. he was a pillar in the tribe community. gone way to goddamn early.

My sincerest condolences to his family and all his friends.


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Finding things are sinking in more today after hearing the news yesterday - particularly the finality of it all.

I'll save personal thoughts for more intimate venues to follow or outside of what's been privately said. But will say something to the fact that all kinds of people have come back here to express their sadness.

Kevin was a close friend, and as for many others that started back here years ago. If the span of time was a kid they'd be driving or graduating from high school now. The content of people's lives and sometimes relationships have changed, but the interaction people shared here - in spite of distance or other differences that might have never brought people into contact with each other - resulted in relationships that have persisted through time.

I wish very much that could have continued for a long time with Kevin and had always expected it to. I am sad that this is now something to be reconciled - for Sarah, the girls, for his family, friends, for him.
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