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Far East Riddim - Question

The Peej

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So my old roomie had this burned CD that said "Raggae Rock" on it, and it had this track that I absolutely LOVED but can't find anywhere.

It was Far East Riddim clearly, and I can sortof remember some of the lyrics. Don't know the artist obviously, or I'd be able to find the track.

The words went something like:

"We don't want no gunshot in our dance
officer just give the music a chance
raggae musics what the people them want
it of the mind and of the soul and of the heart"

I've already asked the ole roomie to no avail. I now have a bajillion far east riddim tracks, but not the one I love so dearly!

Not sure if this belongs in the general forum, but figured it was my best chance.

Thanks in advance,

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I don't know thesee songs at all, but here's a couple that could probably be it:

Music We Want - Don Angelo
My Sound - Winston Hussey
My Sound, You Rule - Quench Aid

They are all out of print, so you might have to ebay them...

Just a shot in the dark...
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i think r-r.com, dm.de and jam-rid use the same riddim database now, all good resources for more obscurerer stuff