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FAO: Those that know Michelle and I

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Figured this was easier than sending out numerous PM's.

Michelle and I got engaged last night. We will be getting married later this summer or early fall.

After we get married, we are moving to Australia, some time in Oct or Nov.

I think I will enjoy having two summers in a row.
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Good on you brett! Way to go!
A toast to two great people who look really happy together!



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ps, can i borrow the fish thanks
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One summer and a GREAT BIG PARTY followed by another summer! What's better than that?!?!

Best wishes!
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and as someone planning a wedding currently, my advice is to have a very small private affair, or Vegas.


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CONGRATS. I'm so stoked to hear this. You guys make an awesome couple and will make an awesome husband and wife.

C'mon... how did you propose?
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Thanks everyone.

No, I didn't get down on one knee.

Me: want to move to Oz?
Her: Yes. But we need to figure out how you can go if we aren't married
Me: So let's get married
Her: (totally suprised) Yes.

She has Aussie citizenship.

And I'll probably have to sell off a good chunk of my wine collection. :( Course since 95% is Aussie wine, I can rebuy most of it there. :)
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