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Fan Clubs for bands

Dr Funk MD

TRIBE Promoter
How big of a fan are you of your favourite band? Some of us are pretty big fanboy/girls and sign up the fan club. I personally have been a member of Peal Jam's Ten Club for about 7 or 8 years now and they do some pretty cool shit for their members. The yearly membership fee is about $20 but they send out 2 newsletters every year. They give you first access to tickets. I got wicked seats for their concert last Sept. Also, for Christmas (although it usually arrives at Easter) they send you a 7" single with two songs you can't get anywhere else, which I think is very cool.

So is anyone else signed up for a Fan Club? I'd be interested to see if other bands send out stuff to members and if it's worth signing up.


TRIBE Member
I'm a lifetime member of the AFI fanclub - mainly because their shows always sell out in 2 minutes and its one of the only ways to get tickets. Its worked out well - I got to meet the band a few years ago!


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I've been a U2.com member for 2 years. Their previous membership community was called Propaganda........

U2.com membership hooked me up with tickets as well line bypass for several shows across the US.

Prickly Pete

TRIBE Member
I have been a memember of the Dave Matthews Fan club since 1998. Its $35 usd and gets me first access to awesome seats at concerts. They also send out some bootlegs to you but thats not a big deal as every Dave show is taped anyway.


TRIBE Member
I'm A Wilhelm Scream fan cluber, hell they've slept at my house before they got big. Other than that I'm not that involved with any bands and their affiliate clubs
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