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Facial Hair Removal Creams for Men. Do they work?


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I am half Sicilian, half Irish, and like most of the men in my family, I have a very heavy beard. I need to shave pretty much every day and I absolutely hate it. I have sensitive skin and having to shave so often hurts like a bitch and is very harsh on my skin. If I looked good with facial hair, I would grow a beard, or even a goatee, but I don't... i look ridiculous! Every time I see one of those ads for facial hair removal products for women - specifically the creme kinds like "Oil of Olay Smooth Finish" that claim to be painless and non irritating to the skin, I wonder if there are products like this for men. I searched on Google and apparently there are (as seen in the link below) but most of them seem to be geared towards black men.

Has anyone tried these products? Do they work? Really considering trying one of these products. Not having to shave every day would be SO AMAZING! Any recommendations?

Facial Hair Removal Creams For Men | LIVESTRONG.COM


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second question - any guys out there tried laser hair removal for their facial hair? Does that work? Does it hurt? How long does it last for? I already know it's very expensive but that's about all i know about it


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Yes, they work - but they're not very good for your skin. You're performing mild chemical burn.

As someone with a burly beard - i suggest you stop using shaving cream. Switch to Shaving Oil. No razor burns, no more cuts.

Dirty Girl

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It will work but its only taking it off the outer layer so its gona grow back in a day or two. So its not gona be much different than shaving. U can try tho, they r not expensive

Laser hurts. Its like getting stung by a bee
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I use a Panasonic ES8243A. It is pricy, but it is great for sensitive skin. And you can use it in the shower. Wash the face just as you do before you normally shave, and then use the electric shaver. It glides like a hot knife through butter.


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I have been using this product for over 20 years. It was recommended to me by my dermatologist while I was in university. Back then, I was having some big issues (being black and ingrown hairs) with my skin.

You can get it at Shoppers Drug Mart in the ethnic section..... I use the one in the Gold Tin. Do not use any other coloured tins. They smell really, really bad, like someone died in your home.

Magic Shave - Razorless Shave Cream for Men - SoftSheen Carson

After I put it on, I go in the shower and use a bathing poof to remove the hair.

Any tough spots, I touch up with a razor.



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you can get groupon-type deals for laser hair removal. i've heard lots of people say good things about it. but it is pretty much permanent.

as far as the pain goes, being a women who gets waxing done, i laugh at you. man up, it's worth it. ;)