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Facebook Tagging Glitch?


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Hi Tribe,

I just got home and when I picked up my iPad there was a notification saying that I've been tagged in a photo.
Once i unlocked the iPad and opened up Facebook I couldn't find the photo anywhere, nor could I find the update that I saw before unlocking my iPad.

Normally I wouldn't care, but this occassion is really unsettling because

1. I didn't know the person who initiated the tagging
2. Out of the 9 others that were also tagged, I only knew one of them
3. The one person I do know is not someone that I would want to have anything more than a superficial public connection to. He's a nice guy, I've known him since high school. But his FB posts are super political, anarchy, radical, type of posts. I keep my FB presence as PG and Neutral as possible. The last thing in the world I want is to be tagged in a pic with a guy I'm not close with, in a photo posted by radical getting me on a watch list.

Has anyone else had these phantom tagging problems?

stew :)
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Wait, do people worry about being on a watch list?

I married in to a 'high priority' family whose grandfather was a Russian defector yet definitely still a socialist. His life story is in the archives, I've occasionally had small issues but no biggie while travelling. Although, if they are monitoring fb posts, they probably won't be happy with my last one. Ooops!
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FB suffers from bugs ALL the time, particularly when they are making interface changes which is usually implemented across users in slow releases. That's said, the bugs are primarily with native functionality not user initiated actions like tagging.

It sounds like someone mistakenly tagged you (friend you're connected to, but in a non friend's image) discovered the mistake and then undid. What happens is some devices may still get the notification but when you click to check it out, it's no longer in the notification history. Happens all the time.


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I got one of those as well and shouldn't have because the person tagging me wasn't even in my second degree of friends. I've also gotten two bizarre friend requests from what looked like East European Farmville bots in the last couple weeks. Weird. Facebook has an interesting relationship with its users because they have a billion of them and none of them actually have to pay for the service, so the odd fuck-up is something that we'll whine about and then forget a few days later. I think if one of their real customers had been negatively affected we'd hear more public apologies for the glitchiness.