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Fable for XBox... is this reason enough to get an XBox?

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Fable is an ambitious RPG project published by Microsoft. Making use of the addition of the Xbox and PC's hard-drives, the story of Fable spans the entire life of a character where every action triggers a dependant outcome in the future. Beginning as a child, the player can essentially shape the adult that their character will become based on actions and events. Story changing paths and decisions will determined whether your character will follow a morally sound path, or dedicate your character's life to malice. Physical properties behave similarly to the real-world as battle wounds turn into scars, your character's skin darkens with prolonged exposure to the sun, and wrinkles advertise wisdom in later years.


Check out the Video here.
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Originally posted by fishbulb
good thing there's not another video game thread
If you didn't care about the content of this thread, why did you click on it? Is the day really THAT slow at work? :rolleyes: