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Fabio Palermo - Shebangs


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This mix is blended with the palette of tracks I played on our Box of Kittens Kajama boat cruise, July 22nd.

Really enjoyed shining some light into the darkness ! !!

Complex feat. Josef Salvat (Serge Devant Remix) - Jonas Rathsman
Fluent - Audiojack
It's Time - Gorge
Heartbeat Feat. Nathan Nicholson (Technasia Remix) - Claptone
The Saint (Job San) - Pig&Dan
The Magic (Maceo Plex & Shall Ocin Dub) - Joy Wellboy
Mango Cookie (DJ Koze's Pink Moon Remix)- Sascha Funke
Shadows - &ME
Stutter - Audiojack
Cloud Rider (Solomun Remix) - Paul Kalkbrenner

Stop Bill C-10