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FA Cup final: Arsenal will get a double!!!


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Not that anyone had any doubts before the game even started, but Arsenal beat Chelsea in the FA final 2:0 with goals from Ray Parlour and Fredrik Ljungberg. This means that it's 90% official that they will get the double this year. Will write more later.
What a glourious day...

marc.. <---:D :D :D


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league championship

cup championship

win both, and you have done the "double"

add to that the Champions League and you've done the "treble"


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Which, I will point out is historic as only United have EVER done it!!!

And ARSE certainly never will. I congradulate the Gunnars on this year's victory, but a dynasty they are not.....United will re-emerge next year, and let me remid you that you will never, have David Beckham, and that is all that matters! =) haha!

United for life, The only Treble winners in existance, in history or in the world! Cheers!

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