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Well being asked to help with the party on Monday, I had quite the busy week. Alot of trouble came from the venue but they can't be blame for the lack of attendance. I don't want to say why I think the party didn't work, but suffice to say, alot of you are right by saying you shouldn't throw a party if you don't have the money to.

I spent hours apon hours working with everyone involved, the promoters, the staff, the owner, and the party kids as well... and I was and still am glad to have been of help.

Kellan and Ama try to throw a tight party, if things go wrong it doesn't change their intentions. In a world devoted to the almighty dollar, some slip and fall over their intentions, even if they are good. I hope if they choose to carry on, which I believe they will, that they handle things differently...

I'll still be there to help, as I always have.

~ mike ~


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About the comment on the hip-hop party, we didn't want any of them in our party because before their doors had even opened there were 2 fights. So guess what....we arent narrow minded, we were calling the shots as we saw fit. When they did open the doors to the hip-hop room, kids were being harassed constantly. So, stereotyping them, yes, but we did have reason. Christ, think logically people and get your heads out of your asses.


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hmm, a promoter whose party fucked up royally telling people who are making a valid criticism to get their heads out of their asses.

the professionalism astounds me.


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Originally posted by SpEcS:
Christ, think logically people and get your heads out of your asses.

Kellan, you are the one that needs to get their head out of their ass

Like fuck man..how many parties have you screwed up?

I already know your answer will be none cuz it's always someone else's fault but come on let's be realistic...you never had the money to even pay for your headliners flight, YOU KNEW THAT FX WAS NOT COMING ON MONDAY and still you tried to pull this charade off....give it up man, you're hot fit to be a promoter, if you want to try promoting again why don't you go back to highschool and throw a dance there, perhaps that would be a little more on your level

I for one hope to god that F3 curls up and dies now, stop trying to do things that are beyond your means...

Astroboy out...


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It isnt the fact that the company (thus the people involved) lost money.

The party stunk huge monkey shit.

Why did people make a decision to attend f3?
People look at the flyer, see the DJ's that are going to spin and make a decision.
But when you have none of your headliners spin (regardless of whether they got paid or not) obviously people are going to be pissed off.

It would seem as if you guys seem quite content on throwing 'small tight parties'. You know what, thats just fine with me.

Start throwing parties for just your friends then, stop telling the scene you will have DJ's spin at your party when half of the time they dont. f3 is incredibly lucky to have such amazing local Toronto DJ's who will step up in the face of diversity and bail you out.

But how many times will they keep on doing that?

Lets look at the lineup that you advertised again..

DJ FX (Scotland) - didnt spin
XOTEC (Rochester) - didnt spin
Frisky - spun for free
D-minus - spun for free
Marty McFly - spun for free
Kamikazie - didnt spin
Grimace - didnt spin
St. Pete - didnt spin
John Smith - spun for free
Dr. Trance - didnt spin
DJ X (Oldskool HHC!) - didnt spin
Sydney Flashback - spun for free
Mike Conradi - who? ?!?!?!

Im glad Justrich did get home though.

How do you tell someone who shows up at your party that barely anyone who they paid to see will actually spin?

Oh I forgot, its all about the magical blue ticket.

Something like this happens every single party. And all we hear afterwards is lameass excuses and shifting of blame.

Stop ripping people off.

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Originally posted by PaRtYKiD:

Something like this happens every single party. And all we hear afterwards is lameass excuses and shifting of blame.

Stop ripping people off.


Exactly my point Corey!

Astroboy out...


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first off, id like to say i do feel bad for kellan despite all the screw-ups; i would feel sorry for anyone i know in the position he was in on saturday. it sucks to see someone lose so much money.

to all the people who mave posted negative thoughts on the situation, ask yourself.. "what were you thinking?"

seeing the names beside the posts i know that almost all of you have known kellan personally for a good while now. you all seem a bit surprised. if your posts are trying to convince eachother that kellan is a below-par promoter, im sure you could have saved yourself the typing. if your trying to showcase kellans low intelligence level to others, im sure they already know, and if your tring to admit the fact that kellan talks alot of shit and always gets in way over his head time and time again, as evidence- you need not bother..

sure you go to the parties and try to have fun and whatnot, but do you really go with any high expectation? no, of course not because you know what kellan and f3 is all about. to put this in perspective for you, everytime when f3 rolls around, me and my friends hedge bets on how much money f3 will lose, but still go to the party just to check out the scene and see some friends. just leave any expectations at home.

why is this such a big surprise to you all?



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Originally posted by SpEcS:
About the comment on the hip-hop party, we didn't want any of them in our party because before their doors had even opened there were 2 fights.

I've seen fights at a few parties. Of course though, all ravers are about PLUR.

Fuck stereo types.


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holy fuck people! so you had a shitty party- get over it! if everyone hates f3 so much, why did you go?? and it is good to see that all of you are so concerned about money. very refreshing. whatever........its obvious that a lot of you just love when something crappy happens so you can bitch about it.

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if you want to try promoting again why don't you go back to highschool and throw a dance there, perhaps that would be a little more on your level



Subsonic Chronic

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ok... shit happens sometimes, but this is a business as much as it is a party, and not everyone is happy leaving with a handshake and a smile when they were told that they would be getting paid. It's very unwise for promoters to depend on door sales to pay for their expenses. They should have all the necessary money BEFORE the party starts so that people like the venue owner, security and dj's don't go home broke.

I've played for parties where it's been painfully obvious that the promoter has lost a lot of money, but they still manage to pay all their expenses upfront and take the loss upon themselves. After all, if the party's a huge success, the dj's, venue owners, and security don't go home with MORE money than they were promissed do they?

In other words, if promoters can cash out big-time on a succesful party, why should the loss be shared with everyone when the party bombs?


Lair Driver

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I have had my differences with Kellan before, but maybe some of you guys should lay off a little..the man lost cash on his party, the party was fucked up from the get-go, not selling advance tickets as I hear..and relying on door sales is risky, but If you allready have invested how much money into anyways-then you have to go through with the event,

the next time f3 throws a party, I think they realize paying the djs in advance is the only way to correct this wrong, word gets around that a promoter is relying on door sales to pay their djs, not to many djs are going to be interested..

and regardless of how much I luv to spin, or anyone else does..there is a certain point where you cant expect him to keep playing for free..otherwise people will be thinking you spin for free for the rest of your life,

a fucking hip hop jam though? why wasnt f3 informed of this before.


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like sand in the hourglass...these are the raves of our lives...
Well I drove from BUFFALO (yes, I live in Buffalo, not Rochester) I got there around 11ish, ran into Justrich, Grimace, Sidney, Marty mc Fly, etc...had a few Molson's with 'em , nearly got thrown out by management for walking out of the designated area with a beer bottle (whoops...being the old man I am I'm used to being able to walk around with my drink)...stepped out to get smokes with Justrich (he needed 'em - I don't smoke cigs)...came back to find out that the party was going to be shutdown at 1AM...the time I was supposed to go on...well what else is there to do other than go home...if I had of known that the party was actually still going on I would have stayed and played anyway...but hell, I performed for the past two nights in a row (Thursday DROP ZONE for the good Dr Trance., Friday my residency @ Club E in BUFFALO - 6 hour set), might as well let the locals get their groove on...besides I was in no mood to hang out and watch the massive drama unfold...so sorry I didn't stick around...hope to see you all somewhere in Toronto soon...



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Originally posted by Lair Driver:
If you allready have invested how much money into anyways-then you have to go through with the event,

How do you figure Lair Driver?

ask lifeforce how much money they had invested in the Renegades Mach 2 party that was cancelled, or ask Chris from Hulla how much he had invested when he was forced to cancel his party...

it's simple business and I don't understand why everyone is having such a hard time dealing with it...

if you do not have enough money secured to pay for everything minus whatever ticket money you have before the night of the event, you CAN NOT PROCEED in good faith You are chancing other people's livelihood by playing a game like that. BOTTOM LINE.

Astroboy out...
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Kellan, one more question, why did you leave your own party at 1am and leave it up to other people to deal with it?

once again you show us that the word accountability is not in your vocabulary...

Astroboy out...


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Originally posted by PaRtYKiD:

Marty McFly - spun for free

yeah, its true.
Granted the party didnt go off.
I have always tried to support the smaller companies.

HULLABALOOO was small once, remember?
& I've helped them once as well.
most small parties I play at are successful
but F3 just wasnt this time.
sorry to those of you who paid the $20 cover,
Ill try to be more selective with the parties I put my dJ name too.

F3 asked me not to DJ so they could save some money.
BUT it was my choice to play anyways, and I did.
Im not going to let down a room full of people. I had friends/ fans/ icq peeps, who drove from all over southern ontario and parts of buffalo who came up to me during the party and said hello and what not.

so F3 didnt invite enough people, the end.
whats going on next weekend?

Marty www.martymcfly.cjb.net
my site has been updated
check it for coming parties.

ps: spare change? ( sorry, bad joke )


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If you do not have enough money to throw the party you don't throw it. I have had to cancel a party in the past in fact Pete (subsonic chronic) was going to play. But i did not have enough cash to throw the party securly , ensuring that EVERYONE got paid. So i did the right thing in my mind and i cancelled it. I lost $$$$ but hey it is better then dragging ur name thru the mud

Jason http://sunrizeproductions.cjb.net


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You know what....

Half of what is said is truth and half is bullshit. I don't have time to sort out
what is what.

Sorry to the people we dissapointed, and yes, its ALL my fault.

One thing I just wanted to clear up, the venue was double booked WITHOUT our
knowledge. We got there and we were expecting to use the other room. So, no,we had no knowledge whatsoever of the room being booked.

As I have said in private messages to all our DJs and friends that helped out,thank you. If you didn't get a message, you knwo who you are.

Now, if you wanna bitch, bitch. If you don't ever want to come to another F3 then
don't. But, don't be surprised when we throw another party and we come through.
We have learned along the way. This is the first party we didn't come through
with 100%. Hmmm...lets see. Groove is in the heart, every DJ was there. We lost
money but we paid all our Djs. Every other party we have thrown we have
delivered everything we promised. Now, for a year of throwing good parties, you
all bitch because of one fuck up.

This is another building block. This is something that we will learn from. Every
company has had or will have a bad party. I look back on this morning and wonder why I was pissed off at many of you. You can all have your opinions and I can have mine. We don't have to agree. I am not happy about a lot that happened, but I gotta learn from it.
Thanks to everyone who is still supporting
us. When we do decide to come back, it will be a properly funded and planned
party. Until then....well.....we will have to see.

Please close this thread. It has just become useless.

*shakes head*

To all the promoters that are bitching about what happened, you all know you
will have your day when somethign happens to you. You also know that when
that happens, Ama and I will be there to support you 100%. Regardless of what happened.

Thank you and goodnight.
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Lair Driver

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Astroboy, you misunderstood what I was saying, In our case, we allready invested $5000, the budget ended up getting a little inflated- But at that point what was I to do?

1. Cancel the party and loose 5 thousand

2. Take my chances with the party, and hope that we can recover the money invested.

There is only a small portion promoters that budget to pay their djs- F3 in this case should have cancelled the event without having a venue secured , or the financing to pay their djs.

Djs shouldnt be the ones loosing out, regarldess of how much an event fails. Regardless, F3 has seen brigther days, hopefully this wont be the end of them..


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*to anyone*

If this scares you, then you most certainly shouldn't be a promoter or go anywhere near that field.

Promoting is a mixture of knowing what's big at the time, what's gunna be big down the road, ability to organize, and ability to adapt.

Every company that has failed or had set backs was due to not nailing down one of those four things.

~ mike ~

'to adapt is to survive'
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