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F1 Racing

Discussion in 'Guys Stuff Forum' started by johnny B rad, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. johnny B rad

    johnny B rad TRIBE Member

    So I am a formula One junkie. Can't wait to scoop up some tix to the Montreal GP. I am a huge Raikkonen fan, stoked that he won this year.
    Anyone else a fan? I know there are a few on the board. Who wants to talk F1?
  2. kirstenmeows

    kirstenmeows TRIBE Member

    I am a huge open wheel racing fan.. sorry, I'm not a guy but anyway.. My father was a member of the British Auto Racing Club, and I grew up on race tracks. While I love Kimi, I absolutely detest Ferrari. This makes it difficult when watching races. My priorities are F1, followed by Champ, and lastly the Irrelevant Racing League. In a pinch, I will watch A1 GP, or LeMans, but you couldn't pay me to watch NASCAR (yeah, I'm a snob, I know..) It depresses me that there's only one more race to go this year, before it all starts again in February..
  3. Lurker

    Lurker TRIBE Member

    *raises hand*

    I'm a racing junkie. I've been to Le Mans twice, Japanese GP @ Suzuka, European GP @ Nurburgring & Montreal GP. I used to take my own car rallying and auto-x too.

    I really enjoyed this F1 season, spy bullshit aside. Kimi had a great 2nd half of the season and Hamilton was just stellar throughout. He'll be a champion someday for sure. I hope that the FIA doesn't grant McLaren's appeal on the fuel temp's from the BMW's at Interlagos. That would be such a shitty way to hand the championship to Hamilton, and he's even said that he would never want to win it that way.

    I've been watching a lot more MotoGP and A1GP this year. Both have been fantastic. The MotoGP got boring watching Stoner win all the time, but the racing was always excellent, even if it was for 2nd place. Those guys are mad.
  4. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    Huge fan.
  5. atomic

    atomic TRIBE Member

    a buddy of mine is starting to reel me into F1. watched a few races, including the last two. he's a big Kimi freak and basically had tears in his eyes when Raikkonen won the championship.
  6. praktik

    praktik TRIBE Member

    F1 is cool.. Rally is cooler..;)
  7. Sleepy Giant

    Sleepy Giant TRIBE Member

    Huge fan. It's the only thing that can get me out of bed at 7am on a Sunday.
  8. johnny B rad

    johnny B rad TRIBE Member

    Glad this thread is picking up. I agree with sleepy G.
    Kimi is keeping the championship. The FIA decided not to impose sanctions.
    Can't wait for next season, 2007 was a fantastic year with lots of action. The Japaneese GP was insane.
    Hamilton impressed me, but I don't like him.
  9. Lurker

    Lurker TRIBE Member

    Agreed. I get an hour of coverage a day here on WRC weekends, but it's not until late.

    I love the 80's rally footage though. Those cars (while slower over the same stage) were crazy. Manual steering, manual gearboxes, mechanical diffs and 500+ hp.
  10. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    Singapore will host the first night race next year

  11. johnny B rad

    johnny B rad TRIBE Member

    This night race sounds wicked, but why would it be "four times brighter than a typical sports stadium" ??? I know it needs to be safe, but that bright of lights, to me sounds unsafe. That would be like starring into the sun. Why even race at night?
    Anyway, F1 kicks ass!
  12. johnny B rad

    johnny B rad TRIBE Member

    So, who is following f1 this season?

    It has been off to a fantastic start and the standings are pretty close. Kimi is still the man.

    The next race is Monaco. I am stoked
  13. Balzz

    Balzz TRIBE Member

    What is an F1? :D
  14. johnny B rad

    johnny B rad TRIBE Member

    i think it is some kind of race-the-car-on-a-road-type thing.

    i hear there is one going on this weekend. maybe on sunday

    they do this weird thing called "qualifying" as well. this happens on saturday.

    crazy, i know.
  15. Balzz

    Balzz TRIBE Member

    Don't forget that practice is tomorrow instead of Friday!
  16. johnny B rad

    johnny B rad TRIBE Member

    is it on t.v?
  17. johnny B rad

    johnny B rad TRIBE Member

    nice location balzz :)
  18. djglobalkiller

    djglobalkiller TRIBE Promoter

    un a huge f1 fan and raikkonen is teh shizzle!!! altho i do miss juan pablo, who now sucks in nascar....

    suffering from the jacques villeneuve syndrome i guess

    oh well,...

  19. turbo dancin

    turbo dancin TRIBE Member

    Big Weekend for Race Fans

    Hoping Bourdais can pick it up. He won this race on his way to the F3000 title. Nice bloke too. Met him on a Molson Indy weekend and was really a pleasure to chat with despite the whole I am French thing.

    Big weekend for open wheel this weekend. I think I might watch the Indy 500 for the first time since Montoya took it running away.
  20. turbo dancin

    turbo dancin TRIBE Member

    if there's any question as to why F1 is no question the best...

    ...I submit to you.

  21. johnny B rad

    johnny B rad TRIBE Member

    8:00am qualifying tomorrow on tsn.

    they are calling for rain. this is going to be awesome!
  22. RobotHouse

    RobotHouse TRIBE Member

    is Schumacher still in this shit?
  23. kirstenmeows

    kirstenmeows TRIBE Member

    My birthday is coming up soon.. I want one of those, minus the chiquita of course..
  24. Deus

    Deus TRIBE Member

  25. Stan

    Stan TRIBE Member

    Interesting article in Wired about the F1 scandal between Ferrari and McLaren:


    Inside the Scandal That Rocked the Formula One Racing World
    By Mark Seal

    Of all the copy shops in all of England, Trudy Coughlan had the rotten luck of walking into Document Image Processing.

    It was June 2007 in sleepy Surrey County, and Coughlan, a statuesque blonde, sauntered through the door of the shop holding a sheaf of 780 pages. Scan them onto two CDs, she told the clerk, a forgettable middle-aged guy in a forgettable office park in the middle of nowhere. Nothing strange about the order, unless you happened to be a Formula One fan and happened to take a close look at the material: schematic drawings, technical reports, pictures, and financial information — enough insider dope to design a Formula One race car. Each page was emblazoned with one of the most famous logos in the world: the prancing black horse of Ferrari.

    Surrey is McLaren country, just down the road from what locals call the Spaceship, the futuristic, top-secret, half underground headquarters of the McLaren Formula One racing team. But as it happened, the copy clerk was a rabid Ferrari fan — among the legion who worshipped Ferrari's star F1 driver Michael Schumacher and agonized over the fact that the Ferrari team was lagging behind top-ranked McLaren that summer.

    "Trudy Coughlan," the woman said when he asked her name.

    When she left, the clerk Googled.

    First he Googled Trudy Coughlan and discovered she was the wife of Michael Coughlan, chief designer of ... McLaren's Formula One racing team.

    Then he Googled Ferrari until he found the name and email address of the company's Formula One sporting director, Stefano Domenicali, in Maranello, Italy.

    "Dear Mr. Domenicali," the clerk typed. He proceeded to spill the strange tale of the woman with the stack of what appeared to be top-secret Ferrari documents.

    The next morning, as Domenicali sifted through his inbox, he came to the missive from Surrey. He immediately forwarded it to Ferrari security.

    A few days later, Trudy Coughlan picked up the two CDs, along with the 780 pages of documents. Following her husband's instructions, she destroyed the papers in a home shredder and burned the remains in their back garden.

    Thus began the biggest scandal ever to rock the world of Formula One racing.

    Formula One is a deafeningly loud, extraordinarily expensive, rock-star-meets-the-road spectacle. It's a multinational pastime in Europe, where hundreds of thousands of fans pay up to $1,000 a ticket to watch 22 drivers from 11 teams go around complex circuits at 200 miles per hour. In a series of 18 races (or Grand Prix) in Monaco, Turkey, Japan, Brazil, Bahrain, and elsewhere, the drivers compete for points based on their place at the finish of each race. At the end of every March-to-November season, the circuit's highest point earners are crowned in two ways: by team (the Constructors' Championship) and by driver (the Drivers' Championship).

    While the drivers with multimillion-dollar contracts command the attention and acclaim, the real competitors in Formula One are the cars themselves: ultralight, mid-engine, open-cockpit marvels of precision engineering, power, and speed. "The difference in raw driving ability between the fastest and the slowest driver is unlikely to be more than one second per lap," says Autosport writer Mark Hughes. "The difference between the fastest and slowest car is perhaps three or even four seconds per lap. So the fastest driver in the slowest car would still be nowhere, whereas the slowest driver in the fastest car would be quite successful."

    More at:

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