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F.S -Allen and Heath HD-53 Headphones - Used


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Selling my pair of Allen and Heath HD-53 Headphones. Used 1 year. Original Box and Case. Phones and headset are in mint condition. Just purchased brand new original earpads. Cord is a bit unravelled. 120$ O.B.O

PM or Call - 416-558-8566



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Why are you selling? Do you like something else better? I might grab these If I can afford them after buying some new gear - if they are not sold. Thanks!



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Hey dude,

I got a pair Pioneers from my fiancee. Ill be honest, they are both good for dif things. I find my Pioneers more comfortable, however the Allen and Heath are much more powerful, good for loud clubs. The Allen's can also handle much more bass too and will never blow.

It's really down to preference and I decided that I liked the fit and sound of the Pioneers a bit better.