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Mrs. Pink said:
i was in the middle of having sex and pulled a muscle in my back and had to stop.

i'm old.

Hawk Eye said:
haha i pulled a muscle in my foot and had to stop.
that sucked.
I ate a lot of pizza the other day, then gave my gf a dicking. I had a really really bad cramp. forget don't eat and swim...don't eat then fuck.
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NemIsis said:
Had a Charlie horse once.. :p :eek:
Ugh... I get them sometimes in my calf muscles and it's more painful than getting punched in the balls. It happened to me once when I was goin' to town on the girl I was seeing - talk about a mood killer. Though I probably did look comical gripping my leg in agony while I still had a full on erection.


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we had a girl in my highschool who was known to give the worst head, mostly due to her rat-like teeth...think big and sharp...her name was kelly boyer...when she walked by, "Kelly Boyer, Diiick Destroooyer" (to the tune of Paranioa by the kinks), would be yelled out....i think she transfered.

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mitsuko souma

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It is absolutely depressing that this was all the way back on page 3, on a
FRIDAY, and it is still more depressing that I have less than nothing to contribute here.
Is somebody goin to splooge all over this thread or what?


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Back in my *party* days my at the time rendezvous partner was going down on me and he looked up and said "you taste like an apple orchard" and I'm and thinking
a) you fucking suck at this
b) I don't care how high you are, guaranteed I do not taste like an apple orchard