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! F R E E S T Y L E R S ! @ Breakfest

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Angus Robinson, Oct 8, 2001.

  1. Angus Robinson

    Angus Robinson TRIBE Member

    As expected, the Freestylers tore the roof of System Soundbar, playing an eclectic mix of old and new breaks ranging from funky to ragga to nu school, to garage, to you-name-it. And the packed crowd was diggin it, large! I would have liked to have heard more tunes which were new to me though. That was my only complaint. I was expecting some sick dubplates from across the pond. However, they did play a lot of tracks off their new album which is spectacular! When they dropped "London Sound", the place went ape! And as well, they did play a lot of interesting bootlegs of really popular tracks with hip hop vocals over top.

    I am very satisfied with the way last night went. I couldn't have asked for anything more! Props to the Breakfest Crew - Respect!

    ...And thanks to D-Monic for playing my favourite song... "push the tempo, push the tempo" ...damn those dubplates! [​IMG]
  2. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    I don't know why it took so much pondering to actually decide to go to Freestylers last night but it was a wicked time. It was definitely worth the high cover price.

    They played a great set even though I can't name any of the tracks since I am new to breaks. But the ragga stuff was quite funky and amazing to dance to. I thought some of the tracks were a little too housey/techno-ish though. Were they going for diversity or was the techno stuff on the new album?

    And I haven't heard that "got the breaks from another dimension" track in a long time. It was really pounding and slightly different this time that it reminded me of the parties years ago.

    Especially dug the "Get Ur Freak On" bootleg, the "Like A Prayer remix, Eminem's "Forgot About Dre" and Big League playing all the staples after the Freestylers.

    Headwinds and J-Hi left me and I ended up dancing it up for another hour and a half. Me! Dancing to breaks! Whatta joke! Is any of this actually happening? Haha.

    And for all of you who saw me at Allie's thing at Zelda's, you missed me in my getup. I was sportin' a big puffy down coat, baggy jeans rolled up and a Flexfit hat turned slightly askew. I don't think some people recognized me even. I know Madhatter didn't recognize me again. [​IMG]

    Anyway, had a wicked time and my feet are killing me. I love nights like these because it was all about the music. I feel like I actually accomplished something.
  3. cosmic

    cosmic TRIBE Member

    fun fun fun!

    Too bad I was too turkeyed out to really dance......not like there was enough room to dance anyways!

  4. Gunark

    Gunark TRIBE Member

    Holy crap! Now THAT'S what I call a good night out.

    The British breaks DJs I've heard always play a really wide variety of stuff. "Breaks" don't seem to be that well defined as a genre over there... So I guess anything goes (as long as it has a breakbeat). The Freestylesr even threw in an Omni Trio track towards the second half of their set. Nice!

    They played a little too much ragga-ish stuff for my likings, but throwing in not one, but two Prodigy tracks totally made up for it. I was almost expecting to hear Smack My Bitch up somewhere in there [​IMG]

    These Breakfest things just get better and better. Congrats to you guys... where would Toronto's breaks scene be without you?

  5. Big League Chu

    Big League Chu TRIBE Member

    The Freestylers dropped some sick ragga tracks last night.
    They were really hype even after coming off a flight from New Zealand and a strict interogation at the border, these guys are pure class individuals.
    I hope to see them back again soon.
  6. PinkAngeL

    PinkAngeL TRIBE Member

    I enjoyed their set immensely even though I felt tired and broken and had trouble dancing.
    Still managed to have fun though.
    My friends from Buffalo and Boston were thoroughly impressed with our Toronto style party. [​IMG]
  7. MartyMcFly

    MartyMcFly TRIBE Promoter

    I had an awesome time last night...
    like I knew I would. [​IMG]
    the freestlyers, yo .. bo!bo!bo!
    whenever i heard a certain freestlyer track.
    I couldnt help sing along.

    fReEsTyLeRs mOn!!! the whole night was awesOme.


    dont miss doperadio this week (Oct10-16)
    Hear some of their set from systems last night
    + a short interview.

    check the tribe.ca
    Internet Radio Shows section
    and look up doperadio for more info.
  8. Willar X

    Willar X TRIBE Member

    Wow what a nite! [​IMG] Having missed the Freestylers the last time they were here at a DOSE party, I was really happy to get a second chance at listening to them drop some tunes. My highlights of the night were definitely hearing some old 91/92 classics such as "Dub War," and SL2's "On A Ragga Tip." Definitely a nice trip down memory lane. And then of course "Out Of Space."
    As for the new tunes, some I liked some I didn't, but eitherway they put on a really good show. Was nice to hear a different mix of some of their bigger tunes.
    The other 2 sets I heard were Dmonic's and BLC's. Both fun sets as usual. yih yih for Tribal Base.

    Hello To Justin Surdit and Gunark who I met off the board last nite. See everyone at turbo on friday [​IMG]

  9. LP

    LP New Member

    Once again the Freestylers did not disappoint. I'd have to say that one of my favourite parties of all time was when Freestylers were at Dose's Throwdown, and last night at breakfest they once again played a sick set. Props goes out to the breakfest crew for once again putting on a great show for the long weekend!
  10. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Which track was that?

    And yeah, the Prodigy shit was thoroughly welcomed.
  11. Bobby Thrust

    Bobby Thrust TRIBE Member

    Throw my hat into the ring for wicked night! Easily one of the most enjoyable sets I have ever encountered in this fair city. Also wicked to see such a hyped up crowd going off for their set. The Freestylers completely remind me of the time in my soiree endeavours that I was just beginning to pay attention to who was actually making the records. That and Navigator is often mention that in the rhymes which made it easier. All I gotta say is DAMN. I can not stress how much fun I was having on Sunday.
    One thing I love about breaks parties is that you see all the djs going off along with us mere mortals. When was the last time you say a house or techno djs dancing to another dj...ever (besides Deko-ze)? I can not think of it happening in my limited time in this city, yet you could see half of the cities breaks djs boppin to the beats. Hell Robb G looked like he was the centre of the circle with his lank beer drenched manoevers.
    Rockin night Breakfest crew!
  12. Bobby Thrust

    Bobby Thrust TRIBE Member

    I apologize for the grade 3 level writing in the above post. I must have forgotten to take my smart pills. I discovered my wretched writing and lackluster spelling after coming upstairs from the laundry room. I had just discovered that I had forgotten to put my clothes in the washer when I thought I had started my laundry.
    So now I have not only written poorly, wasted water and time, I have also wasted your time making you read my useless excuses.

    Sorry World!
  13. Gunark

    Gunark TRIBE Member

    Nevermind, I got the Dub War track confused with Omni Trio's Renegade Snares. [​IMG]
  14. Shann

    Shann TRIBE Member


    Freestylers were fuckin sick...
    I danced through their whole set, and even my best friend who NEVER dances was shakin his groove thang [​IMG]

    I can't beleive I actually thought about missing this!!!!!!
  15. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Are you sure cuz that's what I thought too? It sounded like the original that Renegade Snares sampled from. Unless the original IS in Omni Trio... Bah, whatever. I got it confused too, that's my point. Heh.
  16. justin surdit

    justin surdit TRIBE Member

    well, i have to say that i wasnt really overly disappointed in the freestylers performance, but all the 2-step/ragga garage didnt overly float my boat - the prodigy track near the end was nice, and there were a few older tracks that they dropped that i havent heard in a while - i'd personally have to say that d-monic's set was the stand out for me - great diversity - some nu-breaks bassbin rippers, some funk tossed in, and garnished with a touch of acid - nice work dan! didnt catch too much of chu's set, i was checking out the hip-hop room - nice blend of jazzy vibes, and hip hop (of course) - diggin it fa sho.
    also, the early birds sropped some tight mixing, (i ended up arriving a lot earlier than i had expected).....

    highlights of the night: Donny "What Time Do The Bands Come On" Wilson (I nearly pissed myself when i saw him in that outrageous wig and truckers cap, topped off nicely with the aviator glasses, and the honey blunts at the back of the room - yeah yeah!!

    lowlight of the night: finding out that there was gum on my shoe, and upon my attempt to flick it off, realizing that there was broken glass stuck in it - long story short-small cut, lotsa bleeding (must have been the alcomohol in my system thinning the blood - BIG BOO-URNS TO THAT!!)
    Otherwise, it was an enjoyable night.
    Good work breakfest crew.
  17. air-bag

    air-bag TRIBE Member

    Speaking of Omni Trio... they should have played Red Rain... soo breakbeat... soo good
  18. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad TRIBE Member

    Well, i have been waiting, and waiting for this event since i had first heard a little rumour, from a secret source. I missed the chance to see freestylers at Throw down, and I'm so glad I made up for that!

    We got there from the start so we heard each and every set! Saddler started the night off really good. While I got my drink on! Robb's set was full of energy as well as Dan's! Loved em' both! Then the FRESSTYLERZ! Holy, knock me on my ass! These guyz blew me away- and I danced to the max the whole entire set! one word- UNBELIEVABLE! Then chu, followed nicely, as did phat trick and meric. wikkid wikkid night! I had high expectations for this night- and it did not disappoint! I danced the whole night! I was lovin' it. Thanx breakfest crew for yet another untouchable night of fun! And the crowd was wikkid! Everyone- and i mean everyone was there, and having a wikkid night!

    Oh, and loved the old skool hip hop from meric at the end. nice touch!

  19. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Was that a joke? Cuz I thought he had a lot of style.
  20. Phat Trick

    Phat Trick TRIBE Promoter

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for showing their support and coming out last Sunday.
    Anyone who knows myself or France, knows that getting the Freestylers to the T dot has been our goal since the beginning of Breakfest. We did it, not by ourselves, but with the support of our friends, the DJ's, System Soundbar, and most of all the Toronto Breaks Massive without everyones help, Breakfest would be nothing.
    Looking ahead to the future, and we are all eager to see what lies ahead.

    Big Up the Toronto Breaks Scene. Let's all take care of it, and it will take care of us. Toronto Breaks Rock
  21. BreakzBroad

    BreakzBroad TRIBE Member

    OMG! Donnie makes me laugh my ass off! Definately one of the funniest guyz i know!

  22. D-Monic

    D-Monic TRIBE Member

    Thanks. I enjoyed playing it.

    And, for those that want to hear it again, I recorded both mine and Robb G's set in clean, digital sound and played them on my radio show. You can hear the sets until Monday on Pure Phunk on 1Groove.com

    As for the party, I thought the 'Stylers played exactly what I expected. Tons of steppy ragga basslines and tons of new remixes of old classics. They're great guys too!

    Great sets played by all.
  23. funkNstyle

    funkNstyle TRIBE Member

    C'mon that wasnt Donny it was his alias CLARKE RODRIGUEZ
    and yes Donny makes EVERYONE laugh... LOL

  24. funkNstyle

    funkNstyle TRIBE Member

    ^^^ Yea i guess it woulda made more sense to type my review in the same post.....

    As most of you know that I'd give my left arm to see the Freestylersand easily pay $50+ for a ticket but for $20 *minus the cost of booze* I had a nite that was comparable to none!!!
    Definently goes down in my books as one of the best in the past 2 years. Even the lack of funk replaced with nu-skool didnt bother me one bit. My Freestylers delievered and left me kinda depressed for the plain and simple fact that i won't see them for a couple years...
    But thats how good the FREESTYLERS were, i cant stop thinking about how much fun i had!! I think I've completed everything in my life now. I can die and go to heaven a happy man, although i thought System Soundbar was heaven on sunday nite....

    <---WOW!! Speechless
  25. justin surdit

    justin surdit TRIBE Member

    Thats right.......it's been a while since I've seen Clarke - not since Two-Day anyway...

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